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Saturday, December 10, 2005

The Bush-Hater Is Proud!

"Actually, your perspective is totally fucked up as usual. I was thanking you for not misquoting me, as I am proud of my stance and stand by each and every word."

"I hope Bush gets assassinated."

Lee Harvey (a.k.a. Jeff)

Former-President Clinton Is A LIAR!

Friday, December 09, 2005

Former-President Clinton told a global audience of diplomats, environmentalists and others Friday that "There's no longer any serious doubt that climate change is real, accelerating and caused by human activities."

Climate change is real. It changes four times a year as it is. That there is a warming trend--ONE DEGREE FAHRENHEIT OVER THE LAST CENTURY since global measurements were first made and tracked--is discernible.

Did he say "accelerated and caused by human activities?" No. He said "accelerating," which seems to be true when factoring the derivatives of the velocity of infinitesimal temperature increases over the last century (hardly an exact science, at that, as the environmental scientific community was foreboding the approach of a second Ice Age as recently as the 1970's--and remember the hysteria over the "Expanding Ozone Hole" in the late 1980's and early 1990's? It closed, on it's own, naturally), but when immediately conjugated with "and caused by human activities," it comes off as "accelerated and caused by human activities," with the subliminal message being "caused and accelerated by human activities," while grammatically--technically-- allowing a denial that he said--no less meant-- that.

(Aren't you glad we have a president who's not worried about stuff like that?)

But this, ladies and gentlemen: "There's no longer any serious doubt that climate change is real...and caused by human activities," IS A LIE.

There is very serious doubt.

Carbon emissions from the consumption of fossil fuels account for percentiles of the cumulative greenhouse gases which contribute to the Greenhouse Effect.

The main culprits are solar flares (which don't give a damn if you drive a Hummer), volcanic activity (which also, while spewing greenhouse gases, apparently counteract any greenhouse effect they contribute to by becoming atmospheric coolants because of their reflective properties), and manure.

Yes. Manure.


So what's Former-President Clinton's deal?

Why is he lying?

Why else?

To make political mischief.

He's resurrecting one of the early gripes of the Bush-Hater's to keep them pissed and determined to vote in the mid-term elections: President Bush's rejection of the Kyoto Treaty (which REALLY pissed them off early in the first term).

It's going to get a lot noisier after the New Year, folks.

They want the Congress back.

Friday, December 09, 2005

The Bush-Hater Is A LIAR!

(correction: the material about "misquoting" that was here was a misinterpretation by Republicus--no matter, the material below is more to the point)

"Luckily you are a very fast shrinking minority of thought."

Lee Harvey

Sounds like little Lee Harvey is trying to sell his war for regime change by looking at bad intelligence and exaggerating it.

An AP-Ipsos poll has found that Bush improved his job approval rating from 37 percent in November to 42 percent now, with a drop in disapproval from 61 percent to 57 percent.

Those are certainly not the kind of numbers a president of a constitutional republic should be fat and happy with, but that's not the point (though Lee Harvey was sure to have rushed in to change the subject and make that the point, hence the pre-emption).

The point is that while that was happening--a swelling of support for the President, from the 30's into the 40's, and disapproval down from the 60's into the 50's-- Lee Harvey was telling everybody not that support for Bush constituted a "minority of thought" (technically true, as indicated by the polls), nor that it was a "shrinking minority of thought" (which is false, backwards, in fact, as the latest polling indicates), nor that it was a "fast shrinking minority of thought" (which is an exaggerated falsehood, a distortion of reality), but a "very fast shrinking minority of thought."

Which is an over-the-top, out-and-out Lie.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Bush-Hater Projects!

""You want to hold onto your beliefs and spread your lies, and hatred and ignorance around like the plague...You guys are lost causes, mass hysterics and blinding fear have caused some of you Bush Lovers to go certifiably nutso on the rest of us."

Lee Harvey (a.k.a. "Jeff")

Let it...

...melt. : (

CHICAGO (AFX) - A Southwest Airlines passenger jet skidded off the runway at Chicago's Midway airport during a heavy snowstorm and smashed through a fence onto a road skirting the airport, television news footage showed. One person inside a vehicle that was struck by the airplane on the road was injured in the incident, but it appeared that none of the passengers on the plane were injured, local radio station WBBM reported. Police could not immediately confirm media reports and representatives from the airport and Southwest did not immediately return calls for comment. mso/jjc/dg/tr

Progress, Progress, Progress...

Florida City Considers Eminent Domain

By Joyce Howard Price
October 3, 2005

Florida's Riviera Beach is a poor, predominantly black, coastal community that intends to revitalize its economy by using eminent domain, if necessary, to displace about 6,000 local residents and build a billion-dollar waterfront yachting and housing complex. "This is a community that's in dire need of jobs, which has a median income of less than $19,000 a year," said Riviera Beach Mayor Michael Brown.

He defends the use of eminent domain by saying the city is "using tools that have been available to governments for years to bring communities like ours out of the economic doldrums and the trauma centers." Mr. Brown said Riviera Beach is doing what the city of New London, Conn., is trying to do and what the U.S. Supreme Court said is proper in its ruling June 23 in Kelo v. City of New London. That decision upheld the right of government to seize private properties for use by private developers for projects designed to generate jobs and increase the tax base.

"Now eminent domain is affecting people who never had to deal with it before and who have political connections," Mr. Brown said. "But if we don't use this power, cities will die." Jacqui Loriol insists she and her husband will fight the loss of their 80-year-old home in Riviera Beach.

"This is a very [racially] mixed area that's also very stable," she said. "But no one seems to care ... Riviera Beach needs economic redevelopment. But there's got to be another way." In the Kelo ruling, a divided Supreme Court held that private development offering jobs and increased tax revenues constituted a public use of property, but the court held that state legislatures can draft eminent-domain statutes to their satisfaction. Dana Berliner, senior lawyer with the Institute for Justice, which represented homeowners in the Kelo case, said "pie in the sky" expectations like those expressed by Mr. Brown are routine in all these cases.

"They always think economic redevelopment will bring more joy than what is there now," she said. "Once someone can be replaced so something more expensive can go where they were, every home and business in the country is subject to taking by someone else." Last week, the Riviera Beach City Council tapped the New Jersey-based Viking Inlet Harbor Properties LLC to oversee the mammoth 400-acre redevelopment project. "More than 2,000 homes could be eligible for confiscation," said H. Adams Weaver, a local lawyer who is assisting protesting homeowners.

Viking spokesman Peter Frederiksen said the plan "is to create a working waterfront," adding that the project could take 15 years and that "we would only use condemnation as a last resort." Viking has said it will pay at least the assessed values of homes and businesses it buys.

Other plans for the project include creation of a basin for megayachts with high-end housing, retail and office space, a multilevel garage for boats, a 96,000-square-foot aquarium and a manmade lagoon. Mr. Brown said Riviera Beach wants to highlight its waterfront. "We have the best beach and the most attractive redevelopment property anywhere in the United States," he said. Mr. Frederiksen said people with yachts need a place to keep and service them. "And we want to develop a charter school for development of marine trades." Mr. Brown and others said this could be one of the biggest eminent-domain actions ever. A report in the Palm Beach Post said it is the biggest since 1954, when 5,000 residents of Washington were displaced for eventual development of the Southwest D.C. waterfront, L'Enfant Plaza, and the less-than-successful Waterside Mall.

The fact that Riviera Beach is so financially downtrodden may seem ironic because as Mr. Brown notes "it sits right across the inlet from Palm Beach," one of the nation's wealthiest areas.

"Palm Beach County is the largest county east of the Mississippi, and we have the second-highest rate of poverty in the county," the mayor said.

Beneath The Planet Of The Bush-Hater

"You are undemocratic, you are unamerican, you are a fascist, easy as pie my brother... it's really pretty fucking sad man...Bush is a prick, a liar, a criminal, a fascist, and deserves to go to jail...It's over man, you keep arguing with noone but yourself. I'm just telling it like it is."

xoxoxoxo Lee Harvey (a.k.a. "Jeff")

Marina Oswald claimed that on April 10, 1963, Oswald attempted to assassinate General Edwin Walker, a right-wing political leader.

She reported that she 'asked him what happened, and he said that he just tried to shoot General Walker. I asked him who General Walker was. I mean how dare you to go and claim somebody's life? Because he told me... he was something equal to what he called him, a fascist."

"I hope Bush gets assassinated!"

Democratically Yours, All-American Lee Harvey (i.e. "Jeff")

The Bush-Hater Thinks He's Colonel Jessep

"Ya'll can't handle the truth, thats your issue. Pretty simple, Bush is a lying sack of criminal shit. No rant needed. Just facts."

Colonel Lee Harvey (a.k.a. "Jeff")

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Bush-Hater Returns

"John, you just over think and complicate things too much. Bush is a prick, a criminal, a fascist in the absolute sense of the word, a pathological liar and a divider of Americans for political and financial/ideological gain, Plain and simple. You are an apologist, bullshitter, and blinded to whatever he says. I've never seen anyone work as hard as you do to defend such scum, and you do it willingly and sincerely. I'm sorry, but thats just the way it is dude. "

wuv, Wee Hahvey (i.e. Jeff)

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Tell it...


Netanyahu urges bold Israeli action on Iran nukes

04 Dec 2005 22:39:50 GMTSource: ReutersBy Dan Williams

JERUSALEM, Dec 4 (Reuters) - Israel should take "bold and courageous" action against arch-foe Iran's nuclear programme, similar to its 1981 air strike on the main Iraqi atomic reactor, former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday. The frontrunner to head Israel's right-wing Likud Party ahead of March 28 elections, Netanyahu has been drawing battle lines with Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, who last week voiced hope that foreign diplomacy would prevent Iran getting the bomb.

"It must be understood that Iran cannot be allowed to develop a nuclear threat against Israel," Netanyahu told Israel Radio.

"I will pursue the legacy of (Prime Minister) Menachem Begin, who through a bold and courageous move did not allow a neighbour of Iran, Iraq, to develop such a threat. I believe that this is what Israel should do," he said.

Believed to be the Middle East's only nuclear power, Israel under Begin sent warplanes to bomb the Iraqi reactor in Osiraq in 1981. Saddam Hussein's quest for nuclear arms was driven underground until U.N. inspectors uncovered a secret programme a decade later.

Independent experts believe Israel, perhaps with U.S. support, could mount a similar strike against Iran, though its facilities are numerous, dispersed and well-defended.

Iran, the world's fourth-biggest oil producer, says its nuclear programme is for energy needs only. It has vowed to retaliate against any attack.

Netanyahu said he was calling for "any action necessary to prevent a situation in which Iran threatens us with nuclear weapons".

Tensions between Iran and Israel escalated after Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called in October for the Jewish state to be "wiped off the map". Iran later said the remarks, which drew global censure, did not constitute a threat.

Sharon said on Thursday that Israel could not accept the emergence of a nuclear-armed Iran but steered clear of directly threatening military action.

Sharon reaffirmed Israel's support for diplomatic efforts, led by the United States and the European Union, to curb Iranian uranium enrichment -- a key step for creating nuclear arms.

Israeli officials have said that, unless stopped, Iran will achieve the know-how to build a bomb by March next year.

Independent estimates have put Iran years away from such a capability.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Let it...

SNOW! : )