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Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Guess who Hillary watched the Super Bowl with?

Bill Richardson.

Her picking him as veep was a prediction made here quite some time ago (and would confirm the reasoning behind the prediction, and it ain't pretty).

The conceptual Billary/Obama ticket has been discussed with increasing tempo, but it is unlikely for tactical as well as personal reasons.

If polls do bear out a clear victory for such a ticket, however, know that the seduction has commenced.

I'll hold my nose and support McCain if he secures the nomination (and it looks like he'll lock it up soon), but I'm afraid Billary's going to beat him in one-on-one debates and even make him look bad, and her people know it. That's why they say good things about him, and bad things about Romney (they're afraid of him).

Only a fool would listen to the opposition telling them who would be best for them based on who they like.

McCain's had a problem with not looking presidential, lacking gravitas, but recent personality adjustments indicates that his image consultants are keeping busy on that.

It was telling that the most prominent politician standing behind McCain last night at his victory speech was Lieberman (a pro-war liberal Democrat).

Anyway, unless McCain's Canossa moment with the conservatives this week goes well, and he does indeed select Thompson as his veep (and Thompson accepts), the quickly-dwindling choices for POTUS are sidelining me-- though I do not have the kind of contempt for McCain that would compel me to vote for Billary (as prominent conservatives like Ann Coulter and Glenn Beck have announced), or cause me to spitefully sit out the vote if it's close.