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Thursday, March 15, 2007


RUSH: Do you remember the left, the anti-war left had one of their pathetic little anti-war protests in Washington? It seems like it was this year, but time is really, really flying. Anyway, there was this Code Pink babe that went to the microphones and said this, do you remember?

CODE PINK BABE: We women of the United States have a very clear message for every single presidential candidate, including or especially, Hillary Clinton. And we women say, puuuull ouuuut noooow! (Cheers and applause.)

RUSH: Does that not remind you guys of your first and second wives? Maybe even thirds. Pull out now. All right, we got news from Kuwait...

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Chucky's Right.

MEXICO CITY (by Mark Stevens) : The world's third-richest man, Mexican telecom magnate Carlos Slim, poked gentle fun at the philanthropy of Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, and said businessmen can do more good by building solid companies than by "going around like Santa Claus" donating money.

Note By Republicus: Well, he's right, in principle, but is he making some kind of sick joke? He should put his money where his mouth is and build some solid companies south of the border to stop the exodus of his unemployed countrymen into the United States, who hop over the fence, work here illegaly, and then--like Santa Claus--send back home billions of dollars of remittances a year (i.e. an exodus of cash out of the United States).

Go, Fred!

The former senator from the Tennesee is reported to be mulling over entering the presidential race.

Republicus likes Arizona senator John McCain, and considers him a hero uncommonly worthy of being a United States Senator.

Republicus likes former NYC Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, and considers him a hero--for what he did for NYC before as well as after 9/11-- and worthy of the title "America's Mayor."

And Republicus likes Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, and may even prefer him over McCain and Giuliani.

As for any possibilty that Republicus would support the Democratic nominee, at this point--or for as long as Republicus has been alive, for that matter-- the Democrats have not produced anyone that could take Republicus' vote away from any of the Republican contenders (and he's not holding his breath).

If former Senator Thompson enters the race, there's no contest.

The Democratic Ticket Of '08

Republicus refrains from making "predictions," but it's a good bet that Hillary will tap New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson as her running mate.

If she doesn't, well then nevermind.

But if she does, remember: You heard it at Republicus first.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Mayan Mumbo-Jumbo

(above: a "peaceful" Mayan warrior)

President Bush's five-nation, goodwill swing through Latin America was soured by protesting mobs.

This is the work of Venezuelan President Hugo Chaves, in cahoots with Nicaragua's returned Marxist regent Daniel Ortega and, of course, Iranian President Ahmednejad--who welcomed Chavez to Tehran last July and presented him with the Islamic Republic Medal (the equivalent to the American Medal of Honor) amid pomp and circumstance at Tehran University.

You don't need to be a fly on the wall when those thugs get together to know what kind of plots they hatch. In true Marxist and Jihadist form, their Grand Plan is simply this: Rouse the rabble.

In Guatemala on Sunday, more than 100 Mayan Indians were roused to protest the president's bridge-building, holding up signs that read: "No more blood for oil."

Poor Mayans. They've been brainwashed by the South American Marxists and now lip-sync anti-American--from North America-- anti-war slogans.

The straggling remnants of a once-powerful Central American kingdom was told that they should be angry because Bush was interested in stopping by the sacred Iximche archaeological site.

Iximche is the old capital of the extinct Kaqchiqueles kingdom before the Spanish conquistadors shed much Mayan blood for gold and silver in 1524.

Anyway, Mayan priests said that they will purify the sacred site at Iximche to rid it of any "bad spirits"--and the smell of sulfur, presumably-- after Bush leaves.

Juan Tinney, the director of a Mayan non-governmental organization with close ties to Mayan religious and political leaders (not to mention an obvious sponge for Hugo Chavez' rhetoric) said: "That a person like (Bush) with the persecution of our migrant brothers in the United States..."

Waitasec: Bush quite possibly lost millions of votes for his party in the last mid-term elections--wherein he lost both houses of Congress by a close margin--because he was too soft on illegal aliens!

He continued: "...with the wars he has provoked, Bush walking on our sacred lands is an offense for the Mayan people and their culture."

Now see here, Juan, the Mayan civilization collapsed (UFO assistance in building it notwithstanding) because of a combination of the ruling classes exploiting the working classes and so inciting some proto-proletarian revolution (which--Surprise!--ruined everything for everybody), irresponsible stewardship of the environment which exploited the natural resources to the breaking point, and ineptitude in trade because of the entrepreneurial failure to implement the wheel and burro for the transportation of goods, followed up by said Spanish conquistadors, all beginning about, oh, A THOUSAND YEARS BEFORE THE BIRTH OF DIABLO BUSH (who came in peace, and to inspire, not to conquer).