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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Beneath The Planet Of The Bush-Hater

"You are undemocratic, you are unamerican, you are a fascist, easy as pie my brother... it's really pretty fucking sad man...Bush is a prick, a liar, a criminal, a fascist, and deserves to go to jail...It's over man, you keep arguing with noone but yourself. I'm just telling it like it is."

xoxoxoxo Lee Harvey (a.k.a. "Jeff")

Marina Oswald claimed that on April 10, 1963, Oswald attempted to assassinate General Edwin Walker, a right-wing political leader.

She reported that she 'asked him what happened, and he said that he just tried to shoot General Walker. I asked him who General Walker was. I mean how dare you to go and claim somebody's life? Because he told me... he was something equal to what he called him, a fascist."

"I hope Bush gets assassinated!"

Democratically Yours, All-American Lee Harvey (i.e. "Jeff")


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