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Saturday, June 14, 2008

GOP Leads 1964 Civil Rights Act, 44 Years Ago This Month

Senate Republican Leader Everett Dickerson

Democrat Senator Robert Byrd

On this day (June 7), in 1964, Everett Dirksen (R-IL), the Republican Leader in the U.S. Senate, condemned the Democrats' 57-day filibuster against the 1964 Civil Rights Act...

Read the rest here:

Michael Zak

P.S. In the commentary section of the post "The Democrats," the troll here hysterically projected:

SEVENTY FIVE Filibusters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Uh, whu ya mean...that's not obstuckating anything


John Coleman's Comments Before the San Diego Chamber of Commerce

Global Warming and the Price of a Gallon of Gas

by John Coleman

(Thanks Vero)

You may want to give credit where credit is due to Al Gore and his global warming campaign the next time you fill your car with gasoline, because there is a direct connection between Global Warming and four dollar a gallon gas. It is shocking, but true, to learn that the entire Global Warming frenzy is based on the environmentalist’s attack on fossil fuels, particularly gasoline. All this big time science, international meetings, thick research papers, dire threats for the future; all of it, comes down to their claim that the carbon dioxide in the exhaust from your car and in the smoke stacks from our power plants is destroying the climate of planet Earth. What an amazing fraud; what a scam.

The future of our civilization lies in the balance.

That’s the battle cry of the High Priest of Global Warming Al Gore and his fellow, agenda driven disciples as they predict a calamitous outcome from anthropogenic global warming. According to Mr. Gore the polar ice caps will collapse and melt and sea levels will rise 20 feet inundating the coastal cities making 100 million of us refugees. Vice President Gore tells us numerous Pacific islands will be totally submerged and uninhabitable. He tells us global warming will disrupt the circulation of the ocean waters, dramatically changing climates, throwing the world food supply into chaos. He tells us global warming will turn hurricanes into super storms, produce droughts, wipe out the polar bears and result in bleaching of coral reefs. He tells us tropical diseases will spread to mid latitudes and heat waves will kill tens of thousands. He preaches to us that we must change our lives and eliminate fossil fuels or face the dire consequences. The future of our civilization is in the balance.

With a preacher’s zeal, Mr. Gore sets out to strike terror into us and our children and make us feel we are all complicit in the potential demise of the planet.

Here is my rebuttal.

There is no significant man made global warming. There has not been any in the past, there is none now and there is no reason to fear any in the future. The climate of Earth is changing. It has always changed. But mankind’s activities have not overwhelmed or significantly modified the natural forces.

Through all history, Earth has shifted between two basic climate regimes: ice ages and what paleoclimatologists call “Interglacial periods”. For the past 10 thousand years the Earth has been in an interglacial period. That might well be called nature’s global warming because what happens during an interglacial period is the Earth warms up, the glaciers melt and life flourishes. Clearly from our point of view, an interglacial period is greatly preferred to the deadly rigors of an ice age. Mr. Gore and his crowd would have us believe that the activities of man have overwhelmed nature during this interglacial period and are producing an unprecedented, out of control warming.

Well, it is simply not happening. Worldwide there was a significant natural warming trend in the 1980’s and 1990’s as a Solar cycle peaked with lots of sunspots and solar flares. That ended in 1998 and now the Sun has gone quiet with fewer and fewer Sun spots, and the global temperatures have gone into decline. Earth has cooled for almost ten straight years. So, I ask Al Gore, where’s the global warming?

The cooling trend is so strong that recently the head of the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change had to acknowledge it. He speculated that nature has temporarily overwhelmed mankind’s warming and it may be ten years or so before the warming returns. Oh, really. We are supposed to be in a panic about man-made global warming and the whole thing takes a ten year break because of the lack of Sun spots. If this weren’t so serious, it would be laughable.

Now allow me to talk a little about the science behind the global warming frenzy. I have dug through thousands of pages of research papers, including the voluminous documents published by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. I have worked my way through complicated math and complex theories. Here’s the bottom line: the entire global warming scientific case is based on the increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere from the use of fossil fuels. They don’t have any other issue. Carbon Dioxide, that’s it.

Hello Al Gore; Hello UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Your science is flawed; your hypothesis is wrong; your data is manipulated. And, may I add, your scare tactics are deplorable. The Earth does not have a fever. Carbon dioxide does not cause significant global warming.

The focus on atmospheric carbon dioxide grew out a study by Roger Revelle who was an esteemed scientist at the Scripps Oceanographic Institute. He took his research with him when he moved to Harvard and allowed his students to help him process the data for his paper. One of those students was Al Gore. That is where Gore got caught up in this global warming frenzy. Revelle’s paper linked the increases in carbon dioxide, CO2, in the atmosphere with warming. It labeled CO2 as a greenhouse gas.

Charles Keeling, another researcher at the Scripps Oceanographic Institute, set up a system to make continuous CO2 measurements. His graph of these increases has now become known as the Keeling Curve. When Charles Keeling died in 2005, his son David, also at Scripps, took over the measurements. Here is what the Keeling curve shows: an increase in CO2 from 315 parts per million in 1958 to 385 parts per million today, an increase of 70 parts per million or about 20 percent.

All the computer models, all of the other findings, all of the other angles of study, all come back to and are based on CO2 as a significant greenhouse gas. It is not.

Here is the deal about CO2, carbon dioxide. It is a natural component of our atmosphere. It has been there since time began. It is absorbed and emitted by the oceans. It is used by every living plant to trigger photosynthesis. Nothing would be green without it. And we humans; we create it. Every time we breathe out, we emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. It is not a pollutant. It is not smog. It is a naturally occurring invisible gas.

Let me illustrate. I estimate that this square in front of my face contains 100,000 molecules of atmosphere. Of those 100,000 only 38 are CO2; 38 out of a hundred thousand. That makes it a trace component. Let me ask a key question: how can this tiny trace upset the entire balance of the climate of Earth? It can’t. That’s all there is to it; it can’t.

The UN IPCC has attracted billions of dollars for the research to try to make the case that CO2 is the culprit of run-away, man-made global warming. The scientists have come up with very complex creative theories and done elaborate calculations and run computer models they say prove those theories. They present us with a concept they call radiative forcing. The research organizations and scientists who are making a career out of this theory, keep cranking out the research papers. Then the IPCC puts on big conferences at exotic places, such as the recent conference in Bali. The scientists endorse each other’s papers, they are summarized and voted on, and viola, we are told global warming is going to kill us all unless we stop burning fossil fuels.

May I stop here for a few historical notes? First, the internal combustion engine and gasoline were awful polluters when they were first invented. And, both gasoline and automobile engines continued to leave a layer of smog behind right up through the 1960’s. Then science and engineering came to the environmental rescue. Better exhaust and ignition systems, catalytic converters, fuel injectors, better engineering throughout the engine and reformulated gasoline have all contributed to a huge reduction in the exhaust emissions from today’s cars. Their goal then was to only exhaust carbon dioxide and water vapor, two gases widely accepted as natural and totally harmless. Anyone old enough to remember the pall of smog that used to hang over all our cities knows how much improvement there has been. So the environmentalists, in their battle against fossil fuels and automobiles had a very good point forty years ago, but now they have to focus almost entirely on the once harmless carbon dioxide. And, that is the rub. Carbon dioxide is not an environmental problem; they just want you now to think it is.

Numerous independent research projects have been done about the greenhouse impact from increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide. These studies have proven to my total satisfaction that CO2 is not creating a major greenhouse effect and is not causing an increase in temperatures. By the way, before his death, Roger Revelle coauthored a paper cautioning that CO2 and its greenhouse effect did not warrant extreme countermeasures.

So now it has come down to an intense campaign, orchestrated by environmentalists claiming that the burning of fossil fuels dooms the planet to run-away global warming. Ladies and Gentlemen, that is a myth.

So how has the entire global warming frenzy with all its predictions of dire consequences, become so widely believed, accepted and regarded as a real threat to planet Earth? That is the most amazing part of the story.

To start with global warming has the backing of the United Nations, a major world force. Second, it has the backing of a former Vice President and very popular political figure. Third it has the endorsement of Hollywood, and that’s enough for millions. And, fourth, the environmentalists love global warming. It is their tool to combat fossil fuels. So with the environmentalists, the UN, Gore and Hollywood touting Global Warming and predictions of doom and gloom, the media has scrambled with excitement to climb aboard. After all the media loves a crisis. From YK2 to killer bees the media just loves to tell us our lives are threatened. And the media is biased toward liberal, so it’s pre-programmed to support Al Gore and UN. CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, The LA Times, The Washington Post, the Associated Press and here in San Diego The Union Tribune are all constantly promoting the global warming crisis.

So who is going to go against all of that power? Not the politicians. So now the President of the United States, just about every Governor, most Senators and most Congress people, both of the major current candidates for President, most other elected officials on all levels of government are all riding the Al Gore Global Warming express. That is one crowded bus.

I suspect you haven’t heard it because the mass media did not report it, but I am not alone on the no man-made warming side of this issue. On May 20th, a list of the names of over thirty-one thousand scientists who refute global warming was released. Thirty-one thousand of which 9,000 are Ph.ds. Think about that. Thirty-one thousand. That dwarfs the supposed 2,500 scientists on the UN panel. In the past year, five hundred of scientists have issued public statements challenging global warming. A few more join the chorus every week. There are about 100 defectors from the UN IPCC. There was an International Conference of Climate Change Skeptics in New York in March of this year. One hundred of us gave presentations. Attendance was limited to six hundred people. Every seat was taken. There are a half dozen excellent internet sites that debunk global warming. And, thank goodness for KUSI and Michael McKinnon, its owner. He allows me to post my comments on global warming on the website Following the publicity of my position form Fox News, Glen Beck on CNN, Rush Limbaugh and a host of other interviews, thousands of people come to the website and read my comments. I get hundreds of supportive emails from them. No I am not alone and the debate is not over.

In my remarks in New York I speculated that perhaps we should sue Al Gore for fraud because of his carbon credits trading scheme. That remark has caused a stir in the fringe media and on the internet. The concept is that if the media won’t give us a hearing and the other side will not debate us, perhaps we could use a Court of law to present our papers and our research and if the Judge is unbiased and understands science, we win. The media couldn’t ignore that. That idea has become the basis for legal research by notable attorneys and discussion among global warming debunkers, but it’s a long way from the Court room.

I am very serious about this issue. I think stamping out the global warming scam is vital to saving our wonderful way of life.

The battle against fossil fuels has controlled policy in this country for decades. It was the environmentalist’s prime force in blocking any drilling for oil in this country and the blocking the building of any new refineries, as well. So now the shortage they created has sent gasoline prices soaring. And, it has lead to the folly of ethanol, which is also partly behind the fuel price increases; that and our restricted oil policy. The ethanol folly is also creating a food crisis throughput the world – it is behind the food price rises for all the grains, for cereals, bread, everything that relies on corn or soy or wheat, including animals that are fed corn, most processed foods that use corn oil or soybean oil or corn syrup. Food shortages or high costs have led to food riots in some third world countries and made the cost of eating out or at home budget busting for many.

So now the global warming myth actually has lead to the chaos we are now enduring with energy and food prices. We pay for it every time we fill our gas tanks. Not only is it running up gasoline prices, it has changed government policy impacting our taxes, our utility bills and the entire focus of government funding. And, now the Congress is considering a cap and trade carbon credits policy. We the citizens will pay for that, too. It all ends up in our taxes and the price of goods and services.

So the Global warming frenzy is, indeed, threatening our civilization. Not because global warming is real; it is not. But because of the all the horrible side effects of the global warming scam.

I love this civilization. I want to do my part to protect it.

If Al Gore and his global warming scare dictates the future policy of our governments, the current economic downturn could indeed become a recession, drift into a depression and our modern civilization could fall into an abyss. And it would largely be a direct result of the global warming frenzy.

My mission, in what is left of a long and exciting lifetime, is to stamp out this Global Warming silliness and let all of us get on with enjoying our lives and loving our planet, Earth.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Winning Strategy For Democrats: Register FOUR MILLION FELONS

Above: A "Disenfranchized" Democrat


January 08, 2004

The Felon Franchise
A partisan prison strategy.

By Peter Kirsanow

Wesley Clark recently told a black audience in Birmingham, Alabama that states should restore the right to vote to felons who've completed their sentences. Clark's not alone. Several Democratic presidential candidates, including frontrunner Howard Dean, also support felon voting.

A cynic may be forgiven for suspecting that the motivation behind such support has as much to do with political expediency as principle...While it's unlikely that the election will be as close as that of 2000, minor shifts in demographics and voting patterns could have a dramatic, if not decisive, effect. This is particularly true in the case of felon voting, a cause championed by a growing number of politicians and interest groups.

The estimates of the number of people who have either temporarily or permanently lost the right to vote due to felony convictions vary, but most agree that the figure hovers around four million. Forty-eight states currently have some form of restriction on the right of felons to vote. The exceptions are Maine and Vermont, which even permit inmates to vote. Thirty-three states disenfranchise felons who are on parole. Eight states deny felons the right to vote for life.

Tim Russert, 1950-2008

Thursday, June 12, 2008

50,000 More Names

Above: Felon John Wayne Gacy, Chicago Democratic Party precinct captain, with Democratic First Lady Rosalynn Carter; Gacy booked as serial killing homosexual pedophile

From 2005:

"(Iowa Governor) Vilsack signed an executive order on July 4, granting a blanket restoration of citizenship rights to tens of thousands of felons who have completed their prison terms and are no longer on probation or parole.

Vilsack, a Democrat, said he wanted to help felons - many of them minorities - rejoin society so they can become productive citizens.

Republican critics maintain the action was geared to helping the Democratic Party and polishing Vilsack's resume as a potential presidential candidate in 2008.

...Felons in Iowa can already get the vote back -- Vilsack just made it effortless for the 50,000 in Iowa to get the vote back without applying and waiting six months for it...But you know the Democrats: They’ll take votes from wherever they can get them: Illegal aliens, bums bribed with cigarettes, dead people and now, ex-cons." (Steve Bowers)

You know, "The People."

Million-Man Rap Sheet of Democrats

If Felons Could Have Voted, National Election Outcomes Would Have Been Different

Washington, DC If current and former felons had been allowed to vote, the outcome of as many as seven U.S. Senate races and one presidential election since 1978 might have been altered. Felon disenfranchisement laws, combined with high rates of criminal punishment in the United States, sometimes play a decisive role in elections. This is the finding of a study by sociologists Christopher Uggen, University Minnesota, and Jeff Manza, Northwestern University, reported in the most recent issue of the American Sociological Review.

The right to vote is a cornerstone of democratic governance, yet there are populations in this country disenfranchised from this civic process. The United States is unique among postindustrial democracies in that most states have established restrictions on voting rights for nonincarcerated felons, which make up three-quarters of the disenfranchised felon population. Currently 48 states disenfranchise felons (although ballot restrictions are specific to each state). The incarcerated are primarily the working-class poor and African Americans who traditionally vote Democratic.

In their article, “Democratic Contraction? Political Consequences of Felon Disenfranchisement in the United States,” Uggen and Manza analyze whether felon disenfranchisement had meaningful political consequences in past elections. They calculated the number of felons and ex-felons affected, then estimated voter turnout and vote choice based on their known characteristics (i.e., gender, race, age, income, labor force status, marital status, and education). They then adjusted for over-reporting of voting to determine the number of votes lost/gained by both Republican and Democratic candidates.

The researchers estimate that the disenfranchised felon population is composed of approximately 35 percent ex-felons, 28 percent probationers, 9 percent parolees, and 27 percent prison inmates. The impact of felon disenfranchisement would have been greatly reduced had ex-felons, parolees, and probationers—all citizens not currently in prison—been permitted to vote in all states. Their survey data suggest that Democratic candidates would have received about seven out of every ten votes cast by this disenfranchised population in 14 of the last 15 Senate election years.

“By removing those with Democratic preferences from the pool of eligible voters, felon disenfranchisement has provided a small but clear advantage to Republican candidates in every presidential and senatorial election from 1972 to 2000,” wrote Uggen and Manza.

Since 1978, there have been more than 400 Senate elections, and the outcomes of seven of those might have been different if the vote had been given to felons and ex-felons. While the percentage change is small, the difference might have had a significant long-term effect, given the well-known advantage of incumbency.

In 1978 two of the 32 Senate elections might have had different outcomes if not for felon disenfranchisement, and this would have increased the Democrat majority from 58:41 to 60:39. Of the 32 senators elected, the incumbent party retained its seat through at least 1990 in 29 cases (91 percent) and through at least 2002 in 23 cases (72 percent).

“Assuming that Democrats who might have been elected in the absence of felon disenfranchisement had held their seats as long as the Republicans who narrowly defeated them,” said Uggen and Manza, “we estimate that the Democratic Party would have gained parity in 1984 and held majority control of the U.S. Senate from 1986 to the present.”

According to Uggen and Manza, the outcome of the most contested presidential race in history, the 2000 Bush vs. Gore election, would almost certainly have been reversed had voting rights been extended to any category of disenfranchised felons. Had only ex-felons been enfranchised in Florida and participated at the estimated rate of Florida turnout (27.2 percent) and with the Democratic preference (68.9 percent), they would have yielded an additional 60,000 net votes for Gore. This would have been more than enough to overwhelm Bush’s narrow victory margin.

“If disenfranchised felons in Florida had been permitted to vote, Democrat Gore would certainly have carried the state, and the election,” said Uggen and Manza. “We can thus conclude that the outcome of the 2000 presidential race hinged on the narrower question of ex-felon disenfranchisement rather than the broader question of voting restrictions on felons currently under supervision.”

The researchers examined only national presidential and senatorial outcomes and did not explore the potential consequences of felon disenfranchisement on U.S. House, state, local, and district-level elections (e.g., in urban legislative districts, where felons and ex-felons are concentrated geographically and where disenfranchisement therefore likely has an even greater impact).

[The American Sociological Association, founded in 1905, is a non-profit membership association dedicated to serving sociologists in their work, advancing sociology as a science and profession, and promoting the contributions and use of sociology to society.]


"Game, set, match," knucklehead.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Democrats


I. Bill Clinton, The Last Democratic President


-The only president ever impeached on grounds of personal malfeasance
- Most number of convictions and guilty pleas by friends and associates
- Most number of cabinet officials to come under criminal investigation
- Most number of witnesses to flee country or refuse to testify
- Most number of witnesses to die suddenly
- Only president sued for sexual harassment.
- Second president accused of rape
- Only First Lady to come under criminal investigation
- Largest criminal plea agreement in an illegal campaign contribution case
- Only president to establish a legal defense fund.
- Only president to be held in contempt of court
- Greatest amount of illegal campaign contributions
- Greatest amount of illegal campaign contributions from abroad
- Only president disbarred from the US Supreme Court and a state court


- Number of Starr-Ray investigation convictions or guilty pleas (including one governor, one associate attorney general and two Clinton business partners, all Democrats): 14

- Number of Clinton Cabinet members who came under criminal investigation (Democrats): 5


- Number of individuals and businesses associated with the Clinton machine who have been convicted of or pleaded guilty to crimes (all Democrats): 47
- Number of these convictions during Clinton's presidency: 33
- Number of indictments/misdemeanor charges: 61
- Number of congressional witnesses who have pleaded the Fifth Amendment, fled the country to avoid testifying, or (in the case of foreign witnesses) refused to be interviewed (all Democrats): 122


- Guilty pleas and convictions obtained by Donald Smaltz in cases involving charges of bribery and fraud against former Agriculture Secretary Mike Espy (Democrat) and associated individuals (Democrats) and businesses: 15

*Acquitted or overturned cases (including Espy): 6

- Fines and penalties assessed: $11.5 million
- Amount Tyson Food paid in fines and court costs: $6 million


- As of June 2000, the Justice Department listed 25 people indicted and 19 convicted (all Democrats) because of the 1996 Clinton-Gore fundraising scandals.
- According to the House Committee on Government Reform in September 2000, 79 House and Senate witnesses (all Democrats) asserted the Fifth Amendment in the course of investigations into Gore's last fundraising campaign.
-James Riady (Democrat) entered a plea agreement to pay an $8.5 million fine for campaign finance crimes. This was a record under campaign finance laws.


Drug trafficking (3), racketeering, extortion, bribery (4), tax evasion, kickbacks, embezzlement (2), fraud (12), conspiracy (5), fraudulent loans, illegal gifts (1), illegal campaign contributions (5), money laundering (6), perjury, obstruction of justice.


Bank and mail fraud, violations of campaign finance laws, illegal foreign campaign funding, improper exports of sensitive technology, physical violence and threats of violence, solicitation of perjury, intimidation of witnesses, bribery of witnesses, attempted intimidation of prosecutors, perjury before congressional committees, lying in statements to federal investigators and regulatory officials, flight of witnesses, obstruction of justice, bribery of cabinet members, real estate fraud, tax fraud, drug trafficking, failure to investigate drug trafficking, bribery of state officials, use of state police for personal purposes, exchange of promotions or benefits for sexual favors, using state police to provide false court testimony, laundering of drug money through a state agency, false reports by medical examiners and others investigating suspicious deaths, the firing of the RTC and FBI director when these agencies were investigating Clinton and his associates, failure to conduct autopsies in suspicious deaths, providing jobs in return for silence by witnesses, drug abuse, improper acquisition and use of 900 FBI files, improper futures trading, murder, sexual abuse of employees, false testimony before a federal judge, shredding of documents, withholding and concealment of subpoenaed documents, fabricated charges against (and improper firing of) White House employees, inviting drug traffickers, foreign agents and participants in organized crime to the White House.


Number of times that Clinton figures (Democrats) who testified in court or before Congress said that they didn't remember, didn't know, or something similar.

Bill Kennedy 116
Harold Ickes 148
Ricki Seidman 160
Bruce Lindsey 161
Bill Burton 191
Mark Gearan 221
Mack McLarty 233
Neil Egglseston 250
Hillary Clinton 250
John Podesta 264
Jennifer O'Connor 343
Dwight Holton 348
Patsy Thomasson 420
Jeff Eller 697

In the portions of President Clinton's Jan. 17 deposition that have been made public in the Paula Jones case, his memory failed him 267 times (this from a man who practically remembered his kindergarten teacher's maiden name in his self-glorifying bio My Life).

This is a list of his answers and how many times he gave each one:

I don't remember - 71
I don't know - 62
I'm not sure - 17
I have no idea - 10
I don't believe so - 9
I don't recall - 8
I don't think so - 8
I don't have any specific recollection - 6
I have no recollection - 4
Not to my knowledge - 4
I just don't remember - 4
I don't believe - 4
I have no specific recollection - 3
I might have - 3
I don't have any recollection of that - 2 I don't have a specific memory - 2
I don't have any memory of that - 2
I just can't say - 2
I have no direct knowledge of that - 2
I don't have any idea - 2
Not that I recall - 2
I don't believe I did - 2
I can't remember - 2
I can't say - 2
I do not remember doing so - 2
Not that I remember - 2
I'm not aware - 1
I honestly don't know - 1
I don't believe that I did - 1
I'm fairly sure - 1
I have no other recollection - 1
I'm not positive - 1
I certainly don't think so - 1
I don't really remember - 1
I would have no way of remembering that - 1
That's what I believe happened - 1
To my knowledge, no - 1
To the best of my knowledge - 1
To the best of my memory - 1
I honestly don't recall - 1
I honestly don't remember - 1
That's all I know - 1
I don't have an independent recollection of that - 1
I don't actually have an independent memory of that - 1
As far as I know - 1
I don't believe I ever did that - 1
That's all I know about that - 1
I'm just not sure - 1
Nothing that I remember - 1
I simply don't know - 1
I would have no idea - 1
I don't know anything about that - 1
I don't have any direct knowledge of that - 1
I just don't know - 1
I really don't know - 1
I can't deny that, I just -- I have no memory of that at all - 1


- Number of persons in the Clinton machine orbit who are alleged to have committed suicide: 9
- Number known to have been murdered: 12
- Number who died in plane crashes: 6
- Number who died in single car automobile accidents: 3
- Number of one-person sking fatalities: 1
- Number of key witnesses who have died of heart attacks while in federal custody under questionable circumstances: 1
- Number of unexplained deaths: 4
- Number of northern Mafia killings during peak years of 1968-78: 30
- Number of Dixie Mafia killings during same period: 156


- Number of journalists covering Whitewater who have been fired, transferred off the beat, resigned or otherwise gotten into trouble because of their work on the scandals (Doug Frantz, Jim Wooten, Richard Behar, Christopher Ruddy, Michael Isikoff, David Eisenstadt, Yinh Chan, Jonathan Broder, James R. Norman, Zoh Hieronimus): 10

FRIENDS OF BILL (Democrats):

- Number of calls Huang made from Commerce Department to Lippo banks: 261
- Number of intelligence reports Huang read while at Commerce Department: 500
- Number of times John Huang took the 5th Amendment in answer to questions during a Judicial Watch deposition: 1,000
- Visits made to the White House by investigation subjects Johnny Chung, James Riady, John Huang, and Charlie Trie. 160
- Number of campaign contributors who got overnights at the White House in the two years before the 1996 election: 577
- Number of members of Thomas Boggs's law firm who have held top positions in the Clinton administration. 18

Let's Play Hardball:

- FBI files misappropriated by the White House: c. 900
- Estimated number of witnesses quoted in FBI files misappropriated by the White House: 18,000
- Number of witnesses who developed medical problems at critical points in Clinton scandals investigation (Tucker, Hale, both McDougals, Lindsey): 5
- Problem areas listed in a memo by Clinton's own lawyer in preparation for the president's defense: 40
- Number of witnesses and critics of Clinton subjected to IRS audit: 45
- Number of names placed in a White House secret database without the knowledge of those named: c. 200,000
- Number of women involved with Clinton who claim to have been physically threatened (Sally Perdue, Gennifer Flowers, Kathleen Willey, Linda Tripp, Elizabeth Ward Gracen, Juantia Broaddrick): 6
- Number of men involved in the Clinton scandals who have been beaten up or claimed to have been intimidated: 10


(*indicates sex scandal, ** indicates sexual assault/rape/murder)

Rogues Gallery of Former and Current Current Office holders:

-Lee Alexander, Syracuse Mayor (D): Racketeering and tax evasion
-Christopher Dodd, US Sen., 2008 Presidential Primary Contender (D): $50,000 bagman for John Huang, blamed it on Don Fowler
-Robert Filner, US Rep, CA (D): Assault and battery on United Airlines employee at Dulles Intn'l
-Oscar Goodman, Las Vegas mayor (D): Bribes, telling fourth graders to bring gin if they are stuck on island
-Diane Gordon, New York City Council (D): Convicted of taking bribes
-Alcee Hastings (D): impeached and convicted judge/representative
-Kwame Kilpatrick, Detroit Mayor (D): Perjury, obstruction of justice, fired police chief for investigating his mayoral personage.
-Ray Nagin, New Orleans Mayor (D): Misappropriated $250,000,000 he received from the government Corps of Engineers meant to fix dike before Hurricane Katrina struck
-Gary Siplin FL State Senator (D): Grand theft convictionThomas Wright: NC house, six count indictment for fraud/obstructing justice, pending trial and removal from office.
-**Sen. Brock Adams (D): Rape
-Frank Ballance (D): Mail fraud, money laundering
-Rep. Marrio Biaggi (D): Wedtech. illegal use of minority no bid contracting, bribes
-DC Mayor Marion Barry (D): Busted for smoking crack cocaine
-Jim Black, NC Speaker of the house (D): Five years for accepting bribes
-Kathryn Bowers, State Sen. (D): Bribery, "Tennessee Waltz"
-Daniel Baugh Brewster (D): Illegal gratuities
-Brian Burke (D): Felony and misdemeanor pleas
-Albert G. Bustamante (D): Racketeering, bribery
-Robert Byrd (D): KKK member
-John A. Celona (D): Racketeering, mail fraud
-Warren Christopher, Clinton Secretary of State (D): Fired James C. Woods for suggesting that $5,300,000 missing from AIT visa fund was spent on sexual favors and John Huang.
-Chuck Chvala, Wisconson Senate Majority Leader (D): Using state employees to do political work and to illegally funneling money to a state Senate campaign.
-*Henry Cisneros (D): Lying to FBI about $250,000 hush money to mistress
-William Lacy Clay, Sr. (D): Ethics charges, house banking scandal
-Tony Coelho (D): Bond market and stock market defrauder
-Jerry Cosentino, State Treasurer (D): Bank fraud
-William Cotton, County Committeeman (D): Bribery, "Tennessee Waltz"
-**Gary Condit, CA Congressman (D): Was having an adulterous affair with Chondra Levy when the latter disappeared (she was found murdered)
-George Crockett, Jr. (D): Contempt of court for defending communist on trial for advocating the overthrow of the government
-Ward Crutchfield, State Sen. (D): Bribery, "Tennessee Waltz"
-Gloria Davis, Bronx Assembly (D): Bribery
-Charles Coles Diggs, Jr. (D): Mail fraud
-Roscoe Dixon, State Sen. (D): Bribery, "Tennessee Waltz"
-Thomas Joseph Dodd (D): $116,000 in campaign funds diverted for personal use
-Edwin Edwards, Governor LA (D): $400,000 extortion
-Angelo Errichetti, Camden Mayor (D): Abscam
-Daniel Flood (D): Payoffs
-John N. Ford, State Sen. (D): Bribery, "Tennessee Waltz"
-Cornelius Edward Gallagher (D): Tax evasion, conspiracy, perjury
-Rep. Robert Garcia (D): Wedtech
-**David Giles (D): Child rape
-**Neil Goldschmidt, Oregon Governor (D): Confessed child molester
-James C. Green, NC State Rep. (D): Tax evasion
-Roger L. Green, Brooklyn Assembly (D): Phony travel reimbursements
-David Hall (D): Extortion and conspiracy
-Richard T. Hanna (D): Accepted bribes from South Korean government
-John Doug Hays, KY senate (D): Mail fraud
-*Rep. Wayne Hays (D): Traded secretary job for oral sex
-Alan G. Hevesi, Comptroller NY (D): $172,000 use of state police to drive his wife around
-*Dario Herrera, Clark County NV Commisioner, congressional candidate (D): Bribes, G string trial, lap dances, oral sex for votes
-*Allan Turner Howe (D): Soliciting prostitution
-Carroll Hubbard, Jr.(D): Conspiracy to defraud FEC, theft of government property
-Webster Hubbell, AK Supreme Court Chief Justice (D): Mail fraud, tax evasion
-*Ralph Inzunza, San Diego Council (D): G string trial, bribes for changing the city strip club laws
-Harry P. Jannotti, Philadelphia City Council (D): Abscam
-Rep. John Jenrette (D): Abscam
-Bolley Johnson, FL Speaker of the House (D): Tax evasion
-Louis C. Johanson, Philadelphia City Council (D): Abscam
-Guy Hamilton Jones, Sr., AK State Senate (D): IRS charges
-*Erin Kenny, Clark County NV Commisioner, Candidate for Lt. Gov. (D): G string trial, cash bribes
-*Mary Kincaid-Chauncey, Clark County NV Commisioner (D): G string trial, campaign $$$
-Joseph Kolter (D): embezzlement
-**David Lanier, Judge (D): Eight counts of sexual assault
-Raymond Lederer (D): Abscam
-Nicholas Mavroules (D): Plead guilty to 15 corruption counts
-*Lance Malone, Clark County NV Commisioner (D): G string trial, cash bribes, wire fraud, extortion
-William McCuen, AK Secretary of State (D): Kickbacks, tax evasion, embezzling
-Jim McDermott (D): "willfull and knowing misconduct" that "rises to the level of malice"
-Cynthia McKinney (D): Assault & Battery on US Capitol Police officer at security check
-Edward Mezvinsky (D): 56 federal fraud charges
-John Michael Murphy (D): Abscam
-Michael Myers (D): Abscam
-Mary Rose Oakar (D): House Banking Scandal, pled to campaign violations
-Otto Ernest Passman (D): Accepted bribes from South Korean government (prosecution declined due to age)
-Carl Christopher Perkins (D): House Banking Scandal, overdrawn $300,000
-**Mel Reynolds (D): Child rapist (pardoned by Clinton)
-**Fred Richmond (D): Soliciting sex from a 16 year old
-George Rogers, MA State Sen. (D): Bribery
-Dan Rostenkowski, Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee (D): House Post -Office Scandal
-Bobby Lee Rush, Black Panther (D): Weapons charges
-**Gus Savage (D): Fondling Peace Corps volunteer
-George X. Schwartz, Philadelphia City Council (D): Abscam
-Don Siegleman, Alabama Governor (D): Bribes
-Lawrence Jack Smith (D): Tax evasion
-*Eliot Spitzer, New York Governor (D): Soliciting prostitution, Mann Act
-*Jerry Springer (D): Soliciting prostitution
-Herman Talmadge (D): Bribery, overcoat full of cash
-Frank Thompson (D): Abscam
-James Traficant (D): Bribes, racketeering, use of staff for personal benefit
-James Guy Tucker, Jr. (D): Fraud, Whitewater
-Walter Rayford Tucker (D): Extortion, tax evasion
-*Joseph Waggonner Jr. (D): Soliciting prostition
-David Lee Walters, OK Governor (D): Election law violations
-Maxine Waters (D): ~$1,000,000 in nepotism
-**Daniel James White, San Francisco Supervisor (D): Murder
-Sen. Harrison A. Williams (D): Abscam
-Calvin Williams, County Administrator (D): Bribery, "Tennessee Waltz"
-Jim Wright, Speaker of the House (D): $145,000 'gift'
-*John Young (D): sexual harrassment of staffer
-*Michael Zucchet, San Diego Council, interim Mayor (D): G string trial, bribes for changing the strip club laws


-Bruce Babbitt, Interior Secretary: Lied to congress about Indian casino bribes
-Sandy Berger: Clinton aide, theft and destruction of classified and incriminating documents
-*Natale Bellochi: $5,300,000 goes missing from the US operated American Institute in Taiwan. James C. Woods is fired for claiming that it was spent on sexual favors and John Huang.
-Ron Brown: Fraud, conspiracy
-David Chang: Illegal fundraising
-Golan Cipel: Made NJ Homeland Security advisor because of gay affair with Jim McGreevy, possible Israeli spy
-**Brian Doyle, Democratic activist: Child molester
-**Ira Einhorn: Rape and murder
-**John Wayne Gacy, Democrat fundraiser: Rapist, murderer
-*Michael Galardi: G string trial "fund raiser" handed out "$100,000's" of bribes, as well as wire fraud and oral sex, in order to get San Diego and las Vegas strip club laws changed. Harry Reid "rebuked" John Ashcroft for using the Patriot Act to catch these people
-**Abraham J. Hirschfeld: Tampering with witness (Paula Jones), murder
-Maria Hsia: Illegal fundraising
-Mark B. Jimenez - Democrat fund raiser - tax evasion, conspiracy to defraud the United States, election financing offenses
-Bert Lance, OMB Director: Misuse of government funds
-James Lanier, power broker, TN: Corruption
-Edward Fretwell Prichard, Jr., DNC delegate: Stuffing the ballot box
-Richard Silberman, various CA offices: Laundering drug cartel money, stock fraud
-**Michael Skakel (a "Kennedy Kid"): Convicted of murder
**William Kennedy Smith (a "Kennedy Kid"): Tried for rape
-Lafayette Thomas, Sheriff, TN: 54 counts abuse of power, mail fraud, tax fraud
-Paul Ziffren: Capone connection to Chicago and California democrat committees


As reported:

York County, Pennsylvania

Cleanup will soon be under way at the Bush-Cheney Victory Center in York County for the fifth time this election season.

Vandals spray painted anti-Bush messages and "Vote Kerry" on the building and on the rented sign out front Wednesday night.

They also stole the letters from the sign out front which had been advertising a veterans event for this weekend.

"I just don't understand the mentality we're dealing with here. I mean, what are they proving? Because it's really, it's degrading to the other party to have this kind of vandalism going on," said Darwin Doll, headquarters coordinator.

The vandals hit other businesses and a barn along Route 74 just outside of Dallastown Wednesday night.

Doll said the Victory Center will now be equipped with security cameras.

Mercer Island, Washington

According to two Mercer Island men, signs supporting President Bush are an endangered species. Within days of going up in the affluent neighborhood, the signs disappear. So there the men were this week, camped in the dark woods with lawn chairs and a video camera, waiting for the thieves to strike. It only took three hours. At about 10 p.m. Tuesday, a 25-year-old Mercer Island man walked to a grassy area along the 6700 block of Island Crest Way and began to pull up Bush signs installed by the two men, police said.

The amateur detectives burst out of the woods and confronted the man, who was apologetic. The men detained him until police arrived.

One of the men, who did not want to be identified for fear of reprisals by Kerry supporters, said the anti-Bush sentiment in the neighborhood is extreme and angry. "They're entirely within their rights to protect their investment and make sure their views are protected," said Ross Marzolf, executive director of the King County Republican Party, which gave the men new signs.

Akron, Ohio

Two men who tore down a Bush-Cheney sign and urinated on it were caught on videotape by Summit County Republican officials early Friday morning.

The videotape shows the men sneaking into the yard of a West Market Street home and bending the sign to the ground. The men struggled to rip the sign out of the ground by shaking it and pulling it but couldn't get it off the posts, so they knocked it down. Sounds heard on the tape suggest the men urinated on the sign.

The homeowner, Steve Kotsatos, who is also assistant to the director of the Summit County Board of Elections, called Akron police dispatchers at 10:38 a.m. Friday and told them about how his campaign sign was vandalized.

He said he caught the vandals on a night-vision camera he had installed the day before.

"A couple of days ago my neighbor's sign was set on fire with a blowtorch so I figured I might be next,'' Kotsatos said. "This is not only criminal damaging but a safety hazard.''

The large 4-by-8-foot, red, white and blue sign was tipped over in Kotsatos' yard about 1 a.m. Friday.

John Kerry's name was scrawled across Bush's name in black marker on one side of the sign -- the work of previous vandals, Kotsatos said.

Tampa, Florida

Labor activists stormed President Bush's campaign headquarters in Tampa on Tuesday, part of an orchestrated event nationwide involving thousands of people protesting his policies on overtime pay.

No one was injured or arrested in Tampa, police said. Miami and Orlando also were among the 17 cities in swing- voting states where the AFL-CIO organized such events.

Protesters, including construction and hospital workers, were armed with postcards and petitions expressing their disapproval of Bush's overtime policies. Some held signs reading: ``Don't Take Away Our Overtime.'

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

More than 50 demonstrators supporting Democrat presidential candidate John Kerry stormed a Republican campaign office in West Allis at mid-day today, trespassing, creating a disturbance through the use of a bullhorn in the office and then refusing to leave when asked.

Graber called the latest incident part of a disturbing trend of criminal conduct by anti-Bush forces in Wisconsin, pointing to an incident in Madison last week in which Bush-Cheney yard signs were stolen from the yards of three homes. The vandals then used chemicals to burn swastikas into the lawns of the homes, which were within a two-block radius of one another.

In addition, reports of stolen, defaced and damaged Bush-Cheney campaign signs are surfacing throughout Wisconsin.

“Our volunteers, from children to the elderly, have every right to feel safe when they are working on behalf of a cause and candidates they believe in,” Graber commented. “This type of thuggish, intimidating conduct is absolutely unacceptable. It is time for John Kerry, the Wisconsin Democrat party, and Kerry’s campaign leaders, including Gov. James E. Doyle, to put a stop to this shameful behavior."

Orlando, Florida

A group of protestors stormed and then ransacked a Bush-Cheney headquarters building in Orlando, Fla., Tuesday, according to Local 6 News.
Local 6 News reported that several people from the group of 100 Orlando protestors face possible assault charges after the group forced their way inside the Republican headquarters office.

While in the building, some of the protestors drew horns and a mustache on a poster of President George W. Bush and poured piles of letters in the office, according to the report.

Knoxville, Tennessee

An unknown suspect fired several shots into the Bearden office of the Bush/Cheney re-election campaign Tuesday morning.

The headquarters are located at 4618 Kingston Pike, next to Noveau Classics and in the same shopping plaza as Long's Drugstore.

According to Knoxville Police Department (KPD) officers on the scene Tuesday, it is believed that the two separate shots were fired from a car sometime between 6:30 am and 7:15 am.

One shot shattered the glass in the front door and the other cracked the glass in another of the front doors.

Volunteers and staffers at the campaign office say they have no clues as to who might have committed the crime. However, they add that the shooting makes them even more enthusiastic and energized about working for their candidates.

"If I have to sleep here (at the campaign office) now, that's what I'll do," says volunteer Suzanne Dewar.

Bellevue, Washington

Three computers loaded with confidential campaign plans were reported stolen early yesterday in a burglary at President Bush's Washington state campaign headquarters.

Someone threw a rock through a window of the campaign's office in a suburban business park, taking laptops belonging to key campaign workers from the desk of the Bush campaign's state director, Bellevue police and Republican Party officials said.

The Bush campaign and local Republican officials say they're convinced the break-in was politically motivated. They say it appeared to be a targeted burglary and was suspiciously similar to a break-in four years ago at Bush's Bellevue offices.

Madison, Wisconsin

Someone burned an 8-foot-by-8-foot Nazi swastika on a home's lawn near where Bush-Cheney signs were posted. The vandals used grass killer to spray the symbol.

"I just cannot believe that someone would take the liberty to do this," said homeowner Rob Schaeffer. "We're appalled that someone would choose to destroy our property because they don't believe in our political views. My signs are going right back in the yard. This is my property. We live here. We have rights."

Police are investigating the criminal damage and told the homeowner it will be investigated as a hate crime, which carries stiffer penalties.

Avon, Colorado

Enough of the burning Bush and enough of the Avon chain saw massacre.

Vandals trespassing on his property to chainsaw the middle out of Republican campaign signs spurred landowner Magnus Lindholm Wednesday to offer a $5,000 reward for information leading the arrest of those responsible.

Earlier this week, somebody chain-sawed the middle out of two Bush signs on his property in Avon at the William Post Boulevard exit on Interstate 70. A “Bush/Cheney ’04” campaign sign was burned in Wolcott.

No signs promoting Democratic presidential hopeful John Kerry or Senate hopeful Ken Salazar have been reported damaged.

Cars owned by Eagle County resident Gunther Schmidt and his daughter, which carried Bush/Cheney bumper stickers, have also been targeted. While the damage was light — the bumper stickers were scratched off and the cars scratched — Schmidt said it’s not the extent, but the principle of free speech that matters.

“If you are for the Republican party, it seems to me that the Democrats take all kinds of measures to destroy your signs,” said Schmidt. “I thought we lived in a free country where you could express your opinion in a non-violent way, without being punished for it.

Oxford, Mississippi

Oxford police are investigating a break-in over the weekend at the Bush-Cheney campaign headquarters in Oxford.

Andrew George, North Mississippi Field Coordinator for the Mississippi Republican Party, said he was heading to church in Oxford Sunday morning and noticed that something wasn’t right at the store-front headquarters on Van Buren Avenue at South 11th Street.

“They came in and broke out the window on the front door. They broke out another of the front windows,” he said.

George said it was an act of vandalism, not theft. Vandalism is a felony in Mississippi.

Huntington, West Virginia

Republican supporters in Huntington were watching their candidate accept the party's nomination when a gunshot rang out right in the middle of George W. Bush's speech.

"We heard a small snap, and felt glass come sliding by us. We looked up and saw a hole in our window and realized somebody was shooting at us", said Paula Stewart.

Witnesses tell police that someone fired a shot at the Republican Headquarters office at 1402 4th Avenue around 10:30pm Thursday night.

Twenty five people were inside facing the window, watching the speech on TV, when the shot was fire.

The bullet went over their heads.



Barack Obama has been friends with Antoin ("Tony") Rezko since at least 1990.

Rezko is a political fundraiser, restaurateur, and real estate developer in Chicago, Illinois, and has been involved in fundraising for local Illinois politicians since the 1980s.

He focused primarily on Chicago-area Democrats, and was one of Obama's first financial contributors, raising at least $150,000 for Obama's campaigns.

In return, Barack arranged an internship in 2005 for John Aramanda, the son of a Rezko business associate (Joseph Aramanda, who himself gave Barack $11,500.)

In June, 2005, Obama bought a house in Chicago for $1.65 million ($300,000 below the asking price). The same day, Rezko bought (in his wife's name) the vacant lot next door for $625,000, the full price asked. Seven months later, Rezko sold Barack a slice (1/6th) of his lot so the Obamas could have a bigger yard.

This year, 2008, Rezko was convicted on several counts of fraud and bribery.

Among other problems, Rezko is on trial in a federal government corruption case for demanding kickbacks from companies wanting to do business with Illinois Governor Blagojevich, another politician that Rezko has befriended and donated to.

Joseph Aramanda--who Obamas arranged an internship for-- is an unindicted co-conspirator in one of the kickback cases.


One of the three members of the team that Barack Obama has assigned to search for a vice-president is Eric Holder .

While he served as Bill Clinton's Deputy Attorney General, Holder (Democrat) was the "key person who made the pardon of Marc Rich possible in the final hours of the Clinton presidency," writes Dick Morris.

Rich, a financier (and Democrat), was indicted for evading more than $48 million in taxes, and accused of more than four dozen counts of tax fraud. He also was accused of running illegal oil deals with Iran during the 1979-1980 time period when Americans were held hostage in Iran.

He fled the country and lived as a fugitive in Switzerland.

Another on the three-man team is long-time Democratic insider
Jim Johnson.

Johnson stands accused of, among other things, getting a seven million dollar below-market rate home loan from Countrywide Financial through an informal program set up for friends of the embattled mortgage company's CEO.

Obama has, in the past, used strong language in railing against Countrywide and other subprime lenders, making his association with Johnson--and Johnson's with the lender--awkward.

So far, Obama has yet to dismiss Johnson with his trademark "this is not the Jim Johnson I know" waiver.

The buffoonish situation now of "vetting the vetters" is not a promising start for a politician representing himself as an agent of "Change."

Instead, he's sounding more and more like just another Democrat (see above).

Democrats Reach For Windfall Profits--Republicans Stop Them

Democrats' Oil Windfall Tax Plan Fails in Senate Vote

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


WASHINGTONSenate Democrats failed to gain enough votes on an energy bill that would have imposed higher taxes on oil companies, which are making record profits as oil and gasoline costs continue surging higher.

Note by Republicus: How would that have helped consumers? The Democrats were merely trying to get their own windfall profits out of it for the sake of government.

Republicans led a charge against the tax, saying it was unnecessary tinkering with the market that would have led to suppressed oil supplies at home, and wouldn't bring in the money as planned.

The bill, which needed to pass the preliminary vote by a margin of 60 or better, failed 51-43.

Essentially along party lines.

The bill also would have rescinded $17 billion in tax breaks the companies expect to enjoy over the next decade.

Of course.

"The oil companies need to know that there is a limit on how much profit they can take in this economy," said Sen. Richard Durbin of Illinois, the Senate's No. 2 Democrat, warning that if energy prices are not reined in "we're going to find ourselves in a deep recession."

One more time: "The oil companies need to know that there is a limit on how much profit they can take in this economy."

No limits on the government's profit on privately generated profit, Dick?

"Double-Double, Toil & Trouble..."

Code Pink Protesters Try Witchcraft at Anti-Marine Rallies

Thursday, May 08, 2008

By Jana Winter


Feb. 12, pictured above: Members of Code Pink and other anti-war protesters are separated by Berkeley Police officers from supporters of the Iraq War.

Code Pink is now resorting to witchcraft to beef up the number of its supporters protesting a controversial Marine Corps Recruiting Center in Berkeley, Calif.

The women's anti-war group has told ralliers to come equipped with spells and pointy hats Friday for "witches, crones and sirens" day, the last of the group's weeklong homage to Mother's Day.

"Women are coming to cast spells and do rituals and to impart wisdom to figure out how we're going to end war," Zanne Sam Joi of Bay Area Code Pink told

The group's week of themed protests, which included days to galvanize grannies and bring-your-daughter-to-protest, appears to have done little to boost its flagging numbers.

A FOX News camera, which has a 24/7 live shot of the recruiting center's front door, recorded little action, and the gatherings have, until this point, been ill attended.

Monday, June 09, 2008

The Cultural "Elite"

Study: 1 in 4 adults in NYC have herpes virus

NEW YORK (AP) - A city Health Department study finds that more than a fourth of adult New Yorkers are infected with the virus that causes genital herpes.

The study, released Monday, says about 26 percent of New York City adults have genital herpes, compared to about 19 percent nationwide.

The department says genital herpes can double a person's risk for contracting HIV.

Herpes can cause painful sores, but most people have no recognizable symptoms.

Among New Yorkers, the herpes rate is higher among women, black people and gay men.

The health department urges consistent use of condoms, and says its STD clinics offer free, confidential herpes testing.


Copyright 2008 The Associated Press

(Thanks Nanc)

Want Action? Get Married!

New York Times

Yes, Dear. Tonight Again.

Published: June 8, 2008

LET’S say you and your spouse haven’t had sex in so long that you can’t remember the last time you did. Not the day. Not the month. Maybe not even the season. Would you look for gratification elsewhere? Would you file for divorce? Or would you turn to your mate and say, “Honey, you know, I’ve been thinking. Why don’t we do it for the next 365 days in a row?”

That’s more or less what happened to Charla and Brad Muller. And in another example of an erotic adventure supplanting married ennui, a second couple, Annie and Douglas Brown, embarked on a similar, if abbreviated journey: 101 straight days of post-nuptial sex.

Both couples document their exploits in books published this month, the latest entries in what is almost a mini-genre of books offering advice about the “sex-starved marriage.” The couples, though, are hardly similar. The Mullers are Bible-studying steak-eating Republicans from Charlotte, N.C. The Browns are backpacking multigrain northerners who moved to Boulder, Colo. The Mullers’ book, “365 Nights,” is rather modest and circumspect in its details. The Browns’ book, “Just Do It,” almost makes the reader feel part of a threesome, sharing everything they used to stimulate sexual desire (it’s hard to visualize and even harder to explain).

To many spouses, “married sex” may sound like an oxymoron. And “married-with-children sex” may sound like that elusive antimatter. Indeed, reigniting a couple’s desire for each other has fueled an entire therapeutic industry — from Kinsey to Dr. Ruth to Redbook. According to a 2004 study, “American Sexual Behavior,” by the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago, married couples have intercourse about 66 times a year. But that number is skewed by young marrieds, as young as 18, who couple, on average, 84 times a year.

Either way, those statistics put the Mullers and Browns in Olympic-record territory. That they thought a sex marathon would reinvigorate their marriages might say as much about the American penchant for exercise and goal-setting as it does about the state of romance.

But the couples may also be on to something. “There’s a strong relationship between rating your marriage as happy and frequency of intercourse,” said Tom W. Smith, who conducted the “American Sexual Behavior” study. “What we can’t tell you is what the causal relationship is between the two. We don’t know whether people who are happy in their marriage have sex more, or whether people who have sex more become happy in their marriages, or a combination of those two.”

Do these couples provide any answers? Did sex every single night make them happier in their marriages and in life?

Charla apparently had no intention of writing about “the gift,” as she euphemistically refers to it. She was simply a homemaker and marketing consultant, who in 2006 wanted to give her husband a special 40th birthday present.

“This is something no one else would give him,” she said in an interview. “It didn’t cost a lot of money. It was highly memorable. It met all the criteria for a really great gift.”

Brad was less than fully enthusiastic, mostly because, he says, his wife often has big ideas and poor follow-through. After all, she hadn’t been especially generous in that department since they’d had their two children. He paid closer attention when he realized that she was serious.

The book idea came up serendipitously. Charla had lunch with a friend, Betsy Thorpe, a former book editor and her eventual collaborator, who had relocated to Charlotte. She saw the stuff of literature in the couple’s nightly trysts (the women met three-quarters of the way through the Mullers’ annus mirabilis).

While “365 Nights” was written from the women’s perspective, “Just Do It” was written by the guy, Douglas Brown, a 42-year-old reporter at The Denver Post. Yet the change in gender doesn’t seem to affect the point of view, perhaps because Doug comes across as a sensitive male, and because the sexual marathon in 2006 was his wife’s idea, a way to banish suburban boredom after they moved to Boulder two years earlier from the East Coast.

“I thought we don’t have anything else going on,” Annie said in an interview. “It might kick-start our marriage.”

They changed venues frequently — a cabin on an ashram, a yurt in the Colorado Rockies, and in a hotel room in Las Vegas, where Doug was covering the annual adult-entertainment industry convention. “That’s why we scheduled all these little trips,” Annie said. “We knew it had the potential of getting monotonous.”

And were it not for her competitive zeal, their streak might have died well short of 100 days. Annie even forced her husband to have sex during a bout of vertigo. “I’m not a quitter,’ she said. “The night he had vertigo, I said, ‘I’m sorry, guy, but you’ve got to keep going.’”

Doug said in an interview that on their 101st day, he felt “sort of like you had some long-forgotten appointment to hear some tax attorney talk about estate planning.”

After that, he said, “I think we didn’t do it for a month.”

The Mullers, or at least Charla, hit a wall somewhere around the 10th month. In her book, she describes the gift then as “my stupid idea” and “a hidden cross to bear.” But they say they dropped out only a few days a month, mostly because of Brad’s business travel. They averaged 26 to 28 times a month.

“The spirit of the gift was not to keep score,” Ms. Muller said. “When he was traveling, we tried to make up for it, but it wasn’t mandatory.”

The women are regarded with admiration, if not always envy, by their girlfriends. “My first reaction was please don’t tell my husband,” said Sydney Coffin, a friend of Charla’s.

Annie Brown is now viewed as a de facto sex therapist by her peers. Her adventure even inspired her friend Diane Elliston to turn off the television in the bedroom. (The Browns had draped tasteful fabric over theirs.)

“We did it every day for three days in a row,” Ms. Elliston said.

APPROACHING sex as a marathon, with its own version of Heartbreak Hill, may not be the solution for every stagnating marriage. Lois Braverman, the president of the Ackerman Institute for the Family, cautioned against couples trying to keep up with the Mullers and Browns. “Some couples are totally satisfied with being sexual one night a week, some twice, some twice a month,” she said. “There’s no number of times that’s right.”

Shoshana Bulow, a psychotherapist and certified sex therapist in Manhattan, pointed out that sex is a lot more complicated than frequency. “There’s all sorts of reasons people lose interest in sex with their partner — disappointments, life cycles, financial issues,” she said. “Just having it isn’t going to resolve those.”

Nonetheless, sex every day seems to have worked for the Mullers and Browns. Charla Muller and Annie Brown both talk about how mandated physical intimacy created more emotional intimacy. “It required a daily kindness and forgiveness, and not being cranky or snarky, that I don’t think either of us had experienced before,” Charla said.

Annie said that she and her husband reached a place in their relationship that they have seldom approached since. “It was just this intense closeness,” she said. “We were so aware of wherever the other person was mentally and emotionally and physically.”

Today, the Browns report they have sex approximately six times a month, or double their frequency before their adventure. The Mullers decline to discuss their habits, except to say that they fall well within the national average. And, Brad said, the sex is better. “It made it much easier to be open to the idea, more spontaneous,” he said, “So you don’t go back to that always gaming for it and always trying to get out of it.”

Charla agrees: “It’s a lot better than it used to be. I may be slow to the take, but it was a really meaningful lesson.”

Douglas Brown suffers less stage fright than he once did. “There’s much less of a sense of having to perform,” he said. “After 100 days, that kind of melted away.”

All the same, he doesn’t recommend the experience to everyone.

“I’m glad we did it,” he said. “But as far as a practical message, nobody needs to do it 100 days. You don’t have to climb Mount Everest to understand alpine sublime.”

The Bush Generation

US teens having less sex, drugs

June 4

US teens are having less sex, doing fewer drugs and smoking fewer cigarettes than those who grew up in the 1990s, a study released Wednesday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has found.

They are also more likely to use condoms when they do have sex, wear a seat belt and avoid getting into a car with a driver who's been drinking, the national study of youth risk behavior found.

About 48 percent of high school students were no longer virgins in 2007, down from 54percent in 1991.

Meanwhile, just 15 percent said they'd had four or more sexual partners, down from 19 percent in 1991.

And 62 percent of sexually active students said they'd used a condom the last time they had sex, up from 46 percent in 1991.

Some 35 percent of teens had at least one drink of alcohol in the month before they were surveyed in 2007, down from 42 percent in 1991.

Marijuana used has fallen to 20 percent of students from a peak of 27 percent in 1999while methamphetamine use is down to four percent of teens surveyed in 2007 from 10 percent in 2001.

Nearly half as many students admitted to carrying some kind of weapon: 17 percent in 2007 compared with 33 percent in 1991.

But there has been little change in the number of students who said they'd stayed home from school because they felt unsafe either in the building or on the streets: seven percent in both 1991 and 2007.

Only 12 percent of students said they'd rarely or never worn a seat belt in 2007, down from 35 percent in 1991. Just 27 percent said they'd gotten into a car with a driver who'd been drinking, down from 36 percent in 1991.

"We are pleased that more high school students today are doing things that will help them stay healthy and avoiding things that put their health in danger," said Howell Wechsler, director of CDC's Division of Adolescent and School Health.

"Unfortunately we are not seeing that same progress among Hispanic teens for certain risk factors."

While their has been a significant decrease in the number of black teens who'd had sex (66 percent in 2007 compared with 82 percent in 1991) and also among white teens (44 percent in 2007 compared with 50 percent in 1991) there was no change among Hispanic teens (52 percent in 2007 and 53 percent in 1991.)

"Hispanic students were more likely than either black students or white students to attempt suicide, use cocaine, heroin or ecstasy, ride with a driver who had been drinking alcohol, or go 24 hours or more without eating in an effort to lose weight," Wechsler said in a conference call with reporters.

"Hispanic students were also more likely than both black students and white students to say they did not go to school on occasion because of safety concerns, were offered or sold illegal drugs on school property or drank alcohol on school property."

A nationally representative sample of more than 14,000 students in grades nine to 12 were surveyed.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Political "Elite"

Sound familiar?