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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Clinton Curse Alive And Well









(1) Bill Clinton, feelin' great.

(2) Clinton with his vice president Al Gore. Gore stood by Clinton through thick and thin and bellowed that Clinton would be remembered as "One of the greatest presidents in history!" following the Impeachment acquittal. Gore then decided to distance himself from him to "run as his own man" in 2000, on a (dubious) record of "Peace & Prosperity."

He lost. The Clinton apologists say it was because of his choice to distance himself from Clinton, but it was Clinton who compelled the massive mobilization of angry Republicans, disgusted conservatives, and the military to swarm the polls and deny Gore a Clinton Third Term.

Bill & Al are apparently no longer on speaking terms.

(3) Clinton with 2004 Democratic nominee John Kerry. Kerry bought the explanation that Gore lost four years before because he failed to capitalize on Clinton's popularity and made sure to be seen with him and allow him to campaign on his behalf.

He lost before an onslaught of the greatest turnout of free voters in the history of democracy, who voted for Bush (an historic record you never hear about).

Clinton and Kerry have not been seen together since.

(4) Clinton with President George Bush. Having been elected for a second term by the greatest popular vote in the history of democracy, Bush felt confident enough to "spend his surplus political capital" by calling for the privatization of Social Security...

...and getting chummy with Clinton.

The descent of his once-stellar approvals began at that time (while Clinton's ascended).

(5) Bill, Hillary, and Buddy the Dog (lookin' for a bone).

Shortly after leaving the White House, Buddy was locked up in a kennel, escaped, was hit by a car, and died.

(6) Hillary keepin' busy.

(7) Eight Belles. A filly in the Kentucky Derby just the other day. She ran determinedly but, just as she crossed the wire, she collapsed with two broken front ankles and had to be euthanized in front of everybody.

She had been endorsed by Hillary Clinton.

She came in second behind the stallion Big Brown (I'm not making this up).

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

What REALLY Happened

Passenger jet makes terrifying 10,000ft climb to dodge another plane because pilot was 'showing off' to a child

Last updated at 22:13pm on 6th May 2008

A pilot showing off to a young boy in his cockpit ended up almost crashing the airliner, it was claimed yesterday

Passengers said the pilot deliberately rocked the jet from side to side as he showed the child how the controls worked.

Moments later, however, he was forced to throw the Air France plane into a steep climb to get out of the way of another aircraft.

What really happened: