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Monday, March 01, 2010

The Healthcare President

Ahead of the Curve

A year ago, when the Left was gloating about the "demise" of the Republican Party and American conservatism, and celebrating the coronation of their invincible messiah and the establishment of some millennial rule, guest fj predicted this a year ago, in the commentary section of the February 26, 2009 post:

"I don't want America to fail... but from what I've have seen of Obama's proposed remedies, there is no doubt in my mind that he's CERTAIN to fail, and most likely DESIRES to fail just so that he can justify imposing even more of the demonstrably failed liberal agenda upon us.But let him. It'll be that much easier to neuter him in 2010 and then undo his entire presidency once 2012 finally rolls around."

Good call. Obama still has time to turn things around (or even get turned around by events) between now and '12, and even the Democrat congress could suffer less of a rout than it had in '94, but at this juncture, from last year to now, fj's prediction was remarkably prescient and warranted its own post.

I don't think Obama "desires" to fail, but he is certainly failing big.