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Monday, November 16, 2009

Bow-Wow Obama

First, instead of bowing like a gentleman before Her Majesty The Queen, President Obama shakes her hand, instead:

Ok, we're Americans. We bow to no one, especially English royalty, which we waged a revolution against on the founding of this country.

So, nothing personal.

And we didn't want the bust of Winston Churchill in the White House anymore, either, as the President sent back.

Maybe it was just "too Bush" (see above). And besides, it was replaced with an artistic rendering of Lincoln, instead, so, again, nothing personal to Her Royal Highness.

But when the president met the king of Saudi Arabia:

Well, it could have been much worse:

Why is a president who affectionately holds an aging monarch and old family friend's hand "much worse" than a president bowing low before him, you ask?

I don't know, but judging from the cries of outrage and howls of derision that came out from the left when Bush held hands with the king, versus the defensive rationalizations if not silence when Obama bowed low before him, the former must be much worse, because, as everyone knows, the Left is the righteous, moral arbiter of what is Right and what is Wrong (despite them otherwise clamoring against Manichaeanism and insisting on moral relativism every time a judgment call is made on one of their sundry attempts to advance the agenda of satan).

[note: The substance of the outrage and derision from the Left when Bush held hands with his old family friend had to do with some supposed symbolic obeisance to Saudi oil, and it was segued in with the conspiracy theory about Bush's arrangement to have bin Laden relatives flown back to Saudi Arabia right after 9/11 when all other flights were grounded, i.e. that Bush was showing favoritism only because of oil. But if all of that--or any of that, for that matter--is true, then what's Obama's excuse?]

Anyway, the presider caught some righteous flack for that, and one would think that he learned his lesson on what it means to be the leader--and savior-- of the Free World, but then, just the other day when meeting the Emperor of Japan:

After having to deal with the negative press he received for bowing to the Saudi king, he must have been fully conscious of what he was doing when he bowed down low to figuratively kiss the feet of the Empeh-woe of Jah-pon.

So what conclusion can Queen Elizabeth arrive at?

That the much vaunted "re-alignment" his election supposedly exemplified goes well beyond an alleged American Right-Left demographic shift, but represents an unprecedented presidential shift in world view that rejects Europe--the Cradle of Western Civilization--and instead looks to a rising East--Middle and Far--with the humility of a prodigal son (having been raised in Indonesia)?

That the only royalty worth respecting is Levantine and Oriental?

That maybe he's just sexist?

Whatever the case may be, it's expected--and forgivable-- for a new, inexperienced president to fumble international protocols until he realizes that he's the quarterback (one rationale given for his bow to the Saudi king was "exhaustion"), but, given his aloof, unbowing treatment of English royalty contrasted with his obsequious behavior towards the Saudi king AND the Japanese Emperor, an anti-Western mode is established and it would be difficult to put a positive spin on it.

The president is un-American, pure and simple, and Americans are figuring it out very fast.