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Saturday, December 29, 2007

More Facts...

I've had the practice of posting news of late Spring blizzards and freak, record-breaking cold snaps from various parts of the world if only to temper the hysteria about Global Warming, play necessary devil's advocate to true-believers like Neoligizer, and perhaps assuage my own concerns when confronting the evidence that is stacking in favor of planetary warming.

I have long tended to agree that there is warming afoot, but have obviously pitched my tent in the camp of the skeptics that find dubious the argument that the warming is primarily driven by manmade CO2 emissions, the premised role of CO2 itself, and that warming is necessarily a bad thing, anyway (or at least not bad enough to warrant the cost and inconvenience of altering our economic system and way of life).

The issue has obviously been politicized to a Right-Left one, and mistrust abounds as to the objective integrity of the science from both sides of the argument.

On the one, it appears that many Global Warming Prophets of Doom have created a ruse and read conclusions into the numbers to justify the empowerment of all sorts of leftist, birds-of-a-feather causes, from environmentalism to the movements of anti-technology Neo-Luddites to socialism to Marxism (which prescribes controlling the means of production).

Meanwhile, the skeptical side is lambasted with the typical ad hominems you hear flung at conservatives in the context of the Culture War of Ideology, e.g. that they're careless about the environment, are corporately and rapaciously greedy, are "shills for the big oil companies," are generally unscientific, unenlightened, uneducated, and have their "heads-in-the-sand," and are just "destructive interference" at this point.

All that being said--and assuming, in lingering good faith, that the numbers are accurate and reflect reality-- this report practically proves a warming trend (record-breaking blizzards notwithstanding):

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Just A Fact

Denver has whitest Christmas in over a century (record snowfall).