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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

It Just Ain't Cool To Be A Liberal No More (It Never Was, But No One Called Them To Account Before)

Top: Fired CBS News anchorman Dan Rather (former Liberal MSM Bullhorn)

Bottom: About-To-Be-De-Tenured University of Colorado Ethnic Studies Professor Ward Churchill (a liberal educationalist)

Dan Rather slavishly grabbed his ankles for liberal Prom King Bill Clinton and never harassed him for skipping out on his University of Arkansas ROTC assignments and his definitive dodging of the Vietnam War draft.

Against the prudent caution of colleagues, however, he saw fit to headline alleged delinquencies in President Bush's National Guard Service--based on forged documents--in the midst of the 2004 Presidential Campaign-- which Bush won, anyway.

Rather was then served his walking papers for a story that was obviously driven by partisanship and personal peevishness towards the Bush family.

Tenured liberals with Ph.D.'s (in subjects like "The Mating Habits of Sub-Saharan Aboriginals Pre-&-Post English Colonialism" and "The Words Of Jesus And The Homoerotic Code Of 'Brotherhood'") have been entrenched in institutions of higher learning across the nation for decades, spouting Leftist political propaganda in the guise of objective scholarship to entire generations of "the best and brightest" of American youth with impunity.

For his part, "Professor" Ward Churchill had written an essay calling 9/11 victims "little Eichmans" (i.e. anyone working in the WTC or Pentagon were--wittingly or unwittingly--morally equivalent to SS underlings of the United Nazi States of America), without a peep from the liberal "9/11 Widows/Jersey Girls" but got Bill O'Reilly's bloviating attention and put him in the crosshairs of the No-Spin Zone.

Mirabile dictu!

The university wants to fire the tenured, liberal, "antiwar," Bush-hating professor.

(Of course, he warns that he'll sue when that happens)

This is why the Left accuse Bush as being "The Very Worst President In The History of the Country."

But they should speak for themselves.

He is indeed very bad-- for liberals.

Rather's dismissal and Churchill's P.R. troubles represent positive seachanges in the currents of the Culture War.

The former was at the vanguard of the once-monolithic news media and controlled--and manipulated--information for millions of viewers, and the latter is a poster-boy for tenured liberals in the education system who serve cups of Kool Aid to generations of young Americans thirsting for knowledge.

The rejection of them by the American mainstream was unimaginable less than a decade ago.