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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Playing With Fire

So Iran has decided to play chicken by announcing that it will proceeed with its nuclear ambitions, anyway, probably perceiving an American administration that is hogtied militarily by the Iraqi insurgency next door and politically by the Bush-hating BAFAWs (i.e. Blame-America-First/Anti-War crowd) here at home.

But they're playing with fire, both in their endeavors to stoke uranium and in their daring of the administration to do anything about it, because both the Iraqi insurgents and the American BAFAWs are essentially just bomb-throwing pests who have failed to derail the locomotion of the administration's 3-D agenda for the Middle East: Disarmament, Democratization, and Domestication.

Indeed, we had Rummy come out just the other day saying that Iranian fingerprints were all over the weapons used by the Iraqi insurgents, which means...

Yes, of course, and it will inspire another round of second-guessing and conniptions from the BAFAWs, accusing the administration of--via Rummy-- cooking up more political rationales to justify a pre-ordained attack on yet another oil-rich Middle Eastern country, and blah-blah-blah.

Just ignore them. They--the BAFAWs--are just making a lot of fool noise right now and cooking up their own political rationales in order to set the stage and justify a pre-ordained Impeachment march on Washington in September.

They're pulling all sorts of stunts. They've got an emotion-exploiting sideshow going on now with a woman whose son was killed in Iraq and is now camping out outside of Crawford demanding the President meet with her a SECOND time (after she described the president's demeanor at the first meeting in unflattering terms).

Keep your eye on the ball, people. We have a war to win (or a "struggle," whatever).

Anyway, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad--Iran's new president who they say was an adviser behind the 1979 hostage-taking that helped doom the feckless President Carter's bid for a second term (Republicus is fairly certain that he's not the same man in the photographs, but not absolutely sure)-- must have figured the same thing (i.e. that Rummy was building a case for an attack) and quickly started making mealy-mouthed assurances to U.N. Secretary General Koffi Annan just yesterday on the heels of his nuclear announcement, saying that he has all sorts of new initiatives and proposals that will put everyone at ease!

Good job, Mahmout. Run to Coffi for cover just like Saddam did (pre-Bolton).

No means no, Mahmout.

God knows they have enough petroleum to see to their energy needs (and if they REALLY want to make friends with us, they should give Halliburton a contract and invite them in to do some serious drilling).

But if they insist, say hello to our lil' fren' the cruise missile, and say "buh-bye" to the Isfahan plant.

It would be unwise to allow the Iranians to possess enriched uranium at this juncture.