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Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Salutation

In the May 23, 2006 post "'Heart of Glory' Part Two" (, Cpl. Ken Melton--2nd Marine Division-- profiled a fellow Marine for the U.S. Department of Defense News About The War On Terrorism.

Republicus reproduced the article and noted it.

The showcased Marine's name was Lance Cpl. Sajjad H. Rizvi, both a bona fide American warrior and a practicing Muslim, and Republicus likened him to a "real-life Lieutenant Worf" (from Star Trek: The Next Generation, as profiled in the preceding post "'Heart of Glory' Part One").

Like milblogger CaptB, the Lance Cpl.--in the commentary section of the last post-- saw fit to personally stop by the blog of Republicus and thank him for the tribute, and the honor to serve.

Republicus thanks him, and salutes him, for his service, and for the honor of his visit.

May God Bless him, his fellow servicemen, and his family.


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