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Friday, May 23, 2008

Assume The Position, Blossom.

Blossom had exulted:

Apparently, you're feeling a little spanked, though, after having thought you had that anti-jewish pastor thing all locked up. They've got video, they've got transcripts, they'll be all over come 'lecshun time with the Dems having so much more money than you...oh, that'll "confuse" the Jews alright, Goebbels...hahaha, lotsa luck with that one...Obama's man looks like a boy scout leader next to McCain's pal. This will make every Jew in America vote for Obama...I know my family will!".

Obama faces an uphill battle to win over Florida's Jews

By Jodi Kantor Published: May 21, 2008, International Herald Tribune

BOYNTON BEACH, Florida: At the Aberdeen Golf and Country Club on Sunday, the fountains were burbling, the man-made lakes were shining, and Shirley Weitz and Ruth Grossman were debating why Jews in this gated neighborhood of airy retirement homes feel so much trepidation about Senator Barack Obama.

"The people here, liberal people, will not vote for Obama because of his attitude towards Israel," Weitz, 83, said, lingering over brunch. "They're going to vote for McCain

Oh, psst, btw:

Grossman, 80, agreed with her friend's conclusion, but not her reasoning.

"They'll pick on the minister thing, they'll pick on the wife, but the major issue is color," she said, quietly fingering a coffee cup. Grossman added that she was thinking of voting for Barack Obama, the likely Democratic presidential nominee, as was Weitz.

But Grossman said she did not tell that to neighbors. "I keep my mouth shut," she said.



Blogger John said...


"Fears Of Riots Similar To 1991 Grip Residents

Sean Hennessey, May 23, 2008

NEW YORK (CBS) ― Police are mobilizing a massive presence in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn in the wake of increased tension between African American and Jewish communities..."


7:51 AM  
Anonymous blossom said...

Oooh my...what a spanking!! I'm feeling like so chastened. Wild coincidence on that front...did you see this going around all over the place today?...quite a stir:

John McCain's favorite pastor, John Hagee says: "GOD SENT A HUNTER... HITLER WAS A HUNTER"

Kind of a poetic rascal, isn't he?

Well, it's the kind of thing you just don't forget, and it's eminently quotable.

Wouldn't you think Joe Lieberman (R-Israel) would be feeling a little conflicted? Oh, I bet he's got it all rationalized away already.

Well, there's your crumbs for today...make the most of them.

10:52 AM  
Blogger John said...

That's IT?!? I bake you a cake and all you can come up with is crumbs?

11:07 AM  
Anonymous come and see said...

My! Sayet's has become a treasure trove of interesting articles lately. Have you visited? If not, please do so at first opportunity. You'll find it amazingly refreshing. Here's just one item I found over there:

Right Wing Blogger, John Hawkins, says: Why I Will No Longer Support John McCain For President
I've never been a fan of John McCain. Not only is he not a conservative, he may have done more damage to the conservative movement than any other Republican over the last few years. Look back at the Gang-of-14, global warming, McCain-Feingold, coddling terrorists at Gitmo, illegal immigration -- on and on and on, and you'll remember John McCain working feverishly with liberals to defeat conservatives.

2:50 PM  
Anonymous sleepy said...

Ooooh, the cut-and-paste troll wallpapered Evan again... what a treasure tro.... Zzzzzz.

5:13 PM  
Blogger John said...

They think they're being revolutionary pamphleteers by wallpapering everything with propaganda scribbled by people I never heard of but who are treated as oracles with papal infallibility who have the last word.

That's the Kool Aid they drink.

6:15 AM  
Anonymous thinky said...

What do you expect? They're activists, not thinkivists...

7:39 AM  
Anonymous D. simes said...

People you've never heard of?...He's one of your own and he makes a very good case...on Right Wing News of all places, they're very big you know...not like this little twit gathering...check it out:

8:02 AM  
Anonymous simes said...

He goes on to say, most compellingly, I might add that:

Put very simply: John McCain is a liar. He's a man without honor, without integrity, who could not have captured the Republican nomination had he run on making comprehensive immigration a top priority of his administration. Quite frankly, this is little different from George Bush, Sr. breaking his "Read my lips, no new taxes pledge," except that Bush's father was at least smart enough to wait until he got elected before letting all of his supporters know that he was lying to them.

Under these circumstances, I simply cannot continue to support a man like John McCain for the presidency. Since that is the case, I have already written the campaign and asked them to take me off of their mailing list and to no longer send me invitations to their teleconferences. I see no point in asking questions to a man who has no compunction about lying through his teeth on one of the most crucial election issues and then changing his position the first time he believes he can get away with it.

8:06 AM  
Anonymous d s said...

He does hate McCain less than Obama,though...that should give you the consolation you need. It's about all a poor Republican can expect these days ...and for the next thirty years.

8:08 AM  
Blogger John said...

"...and for the next thirty years."

Well, we've always been the party of the future, simian.

8:43 AM  
Blogger John said...


"Jewish allies of the Rev. John Hagee rushed to his defense yesterday to say the Texas evangelist is not anti-Semitic despite Sen. John McCain campaign's repudiation Thursday of the evangelist's endorsement.

'John Hagee is one of the Jewish people's best friends,' Los Angeles talk show host Dennis Prager said on the air yesterday morning. 'Identifying John Hagee with anti-Semitism would be like identifying Raoul Wallenberg, the great Swede who saved thousands of Jews in the Holocaust, with anti-Semitism.'

Orthodox Rabbi Aryeh Scheinberg, of Congregation Rodfei Sholom in San Antonio, appeared at an afternoon press conference yesterday to say Mr. Hagee's 'words were twisted and used to attack him for being anti-Semitic.'

In actuality, Mr. Hagee 'interpreted a biblical verse in a way not very different from several legitimate Jewish authorities,' the rabbi said.

'Viewing Hitler as acting completely outside of God's plan is to suggest that God was powerless to stop the Holocaust, a position quite unacceptable to any religious Jew or Christian,' the rabbi said."

(thanks fj)

2:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My pleasure... and on an unrelated topic...


First the earth was getting hot, then Mars' polar icecaps were melting... now Jupiter's getting hotter too.

Who to blame, who to blame, who to blame...

3:13 PM  
Blogger John said...

Manmade Voyager II's flyby in the 1980's?

3:19 PM  

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