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Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Jihadist And His Number One Source For Jihad

Guest Douglass asked:

"But I have a question:

John, What is the #1 source of international Islamic terrorism?"

It seems to be a combination of factors, but let's try to get to the root of it:

Imposed dictatorships like Saddam Hussein's and theocracies like the Taliban have been targeted by the war strategists as the main causes of culture-wide Jihadism, the former creating oppressive environments that create frustration, festering hostility, and violent eruptions, while the latter an enabling, hospitable environment for Jihadists--rich and poor alike--to be readily indoctrinated, flourish, and plot mischief.

It is hoped that representative, constitutional--and indigenous-- government will allay the former and marginalize the latter, and that ensuing modernization and cooperation with--and exposure to--the West will, gradually, perhaps in a generation or two, lead to the same type of liberalizing effect that, say, the translation and dissemination of Greek philosophy had on the "progressive" Mediaeval caliphate.

We're not looking for Jeffersonian, New England type republics to spring up. Forget about that. They're Middle Eastern Muslims.

Functional, constitutional, and anti-terrorist capitalist democracies like India or Turkey will suffice.

The dearth of all the other material factors which contribute to the frustration, rage, religious frenzy, and both suicidal despair and eagerness-- like poor schooling, the stress of poverty, the oppression of women and disenfranchized minorities, the lack of liberal institutions, and the suppression of individual creativity-- would be addressed and remedied by competing, representative political parties vying for votes by at least promising to deliver the most opportunities for goods and services in a free market system with a heretofore unseen economic vibrancy and standard of living.

That should--to one extent or another-- take care of the problem of Jihadist popularity among Muslim commoners who had hithero been--under the squalidness of Third World conditions-- dictatorially oppressed or hospitably encouraged towards terrorism, or at least the support and cheering of them.

The wealthy, Jihadist sophisticate will be marginalized as an anarchist (as they already are in the stable monarchies, which themselves are already feeling pressure for reform as the Western wind blows across the land).

These new, politically-enlightened republics--for theirs, ours, and indeed the world's good-- will, indeed must, learn to co-exist peacefully and cooperate beneficially with the united nations of the civilized world.

And that, of course, includes Israel.

I will not delve into the history of all that now, but suffice it to say that Israel is Israel and Muslims should learn to accept it, deal with it, and let millennia-old bygones be bygones and embrace their fellow Semites, who have proven more than willing to try for that effect on their end.

The Jihadist would say--and have said--that the Israeli/Palestinian conflict is "The #1 Source of International Islamic Terrorism," but it can't be.

The mania of "Wiping Israel off the map" by Jihadists does not begin in 1947, else why would we hear this emanating out of the 8th Century, as harped upon by a Sheik preaching on Palestinian Authority Television, last year, in May of 2005:

Allah has tormented us with 'the people most hostile to the believers' – the Jews. 'Thou shalt find that the people most hostile to the believers to be the Jews and the polytheists.' Allah warned His beloved Prophet Muhammad about the Jews, who had killed their prophets, forged their Torah, and sowed corruption throughout their history...Listen to the Prophet Muhammad, who tells you about the evil end that awaits Jews. The stones and trees will want the Muslims to finish off every Jew.

Indeed, The #1 Source For Terrorism, is, as I've been saying, and as Douglass realized in the commentary of the "Christian Vs. Muslim Part III" post:

...The particular effect that strict interpretations of Islamic scriptures has on Muslim society at large, like the production of fanatics at an exponentially increasing rate.

Yes. Whether it's Commands to "fight-fight-fight" and "crucify" infidels like Christians, or "finish off the evil Jews," that attitude is programmed by a sacred tome they consider to be eternally and omnipresently urging them towards the pursuit of Jihad, against all unbelievers: The hated Jews, the infidel Christians, the polytheist Hindi, Buddhists, and even fellow Muslims if they vary about a piddling point against that kind of Muslim who holds the sword.

That is the root, the #1 source, Douglass.


Anonymous Houstonmod said...

lol lol wow, I keep setting the bar lower and lower and Angry John still finds a way to get under it. Give me a little background here Angry John. How old are you? What is your educational background? Married? Kids? Military background? Ted Kaczynski's long lost twin? I'm trying to figure out why you would have any idea what the root of islamic terrorism is.

I couldn't figure out an earlier post. Are you badmouthing Saudi Arabia? Aren't they "with us" in our fight against terrorism? (which is a really stupid name for a fight anyway) I think you must be a big fan of Pakistan as well right? Another country dominated by the Shariat and my favorite part, led by military leader who overthrew the democratically elected Prime Minister. Ah yes, let freedom ring. (we won't even talk about Kuwait)

Here's the bottom line Angry John, what's your solution? We do have a bunch of leftover nukes from the Cold War. Maybe we should kill most of the Muslims? (I say most, because apparently you think "some" are ok)
Iraq is going so swimmingly, maybe we should invade all Muslim countries!! A crusade if you will! That's brilliant! (you or your son will enlist to fight this war right?)

Angry John, this irrational venom is probably already a problem in your life, but you really need to get a better perspective before this dark downward spiral worsens.

These vitriolic, bloviated, titling a windmills diatribes are full of sound and fury signifying nothing. There are pleny more windmills to tilt so maybe it's time you move away from your hate baiting. Sure, it assures blog responses and therefore you probably assume you made it into the popular club, but other bigots have used this same tact. Move on, you'll feel better(please try to keep response to under 1,400 words because it just gets tiring)

9:24 AM  
Anonymous douglass said...

Hustonmod, WTF.

Next time try to distill your comments of hatred before you accuse John of hatred; you know that whole log in your eye stick in John's dynamic that seems to follow ya’ll around here needs to stop. Again, If John is so easily refuted, as you claim, then why not take his arguments square on instead of trying to insult, jab and nitpick.

11:23 AM  
Anonymous houstonmod said...

Douglas, exactly which argument do you want me to refute? I have said numerous times that cherry picking good things from one side and bad things from another is juvenile and is no basis for an "argument". There is no sense in arguing with a guy who has time and again spit out vile rhetoric encompassing a religion of 1.4 billion people as nothing more than a violent religion which apparently needs to be eliminated. (except for some and he did date an expat from a middle eastern country) If you would like to argue either side, feel free. This hate baiting should not be addressed and fostered. It should be mocked and ridiculed for what it is. Read my posts before you accuse me of hatred. If my hatred seems to be against intolerance and bigotry, I'll gladly accept your accusation of hatred.

As far as nitpicking, if you really believe a guy who can confuse Noah with Lot is really a practicing Christian, I have a bridge I would like to sell you. Unfortunately when it comes to debunking ridiculous innaccurate smears, I have a really bad habit of using logic and facts and expecting my opponent to do the same. In this case my opponent gets upset and calles me a "fact checker" ...gasp!!

11:55 AM  
Anonymous douglass said...


"If my hatred seems to be against intolerance and bigotry, I'll gladly accept your accusation of hatred."

well, I agree inasmuch that you use your noble goals as a shield for your *sometimes* hateful means.

If you were pointing out john's mistake for the purpose of pointing out a mistake, that's not only ok, it's a good thing to do.

But, if you point out such innaccuricies (that we are all prone to once in a while) as to make an ad hominem attack, that's nitpicking.

I'm saying that if you don't like smearing and biased arguments, don't engage in them.

If you do engage in them, how are you any better than someone who engages in them as to support an argument that you disagree with ?

12:08 PM  
Blogger John said...

Houston said: "Read my posts before you accuse me of hatred."


2:55 PM  
Blogger Jeff Bargholz said...

The unholy koran is a terrorist training manual. Muslims believe flea-bitten little Muhammed was repeating the direct words of their moon god allah when he commanded them to terrorize their enemies--who happen to be everyone else on the planet. They believe the koran is the direct word of their god, as related personally to Muhammed. Jihadis are following the koran to the letter by practicing terrorism. The references to terrorism in the koran are there in black and white for all to see.

Islam cannot be negotiated with, it can only be destroyed for the good of the world. It is wholly incompatible with civilization. Like Black Jack Pershing said all those years ago: "Every concession made to these people is a mistake."

Religions have come and gone for millenia. It's time to show islam the door.

6:32 PM  
Blogger Jeff Bargholz said...


your lame ad hominems and regurgitated leftist rhetoric about the islamic threat are about as original as sin and witty as a bumper sticker. You are a nutless apologist for islam, pure and simple.

If you honestly believe there are 1.4 billion muslims in the world I have a bridge to sell YOU. It leads to Fantasy Land, the happiest place on Earth. Fantasy Land is filled with moderate muslims, patriotic leftists, attractive lesbians and Star Wars fans who get laid on a regular basis. You'll fit right in. Just don't cry to me when the moderate muslims try to saw your head off.

Every American has the right to be a coward. Don't expect the rest of us to exercise that right as zealously as you do. Your lame attempts to obstruct the War on Terror are doomed to failure. Really, just what do you think a pussy like you can do to stop it?

I wonder how many terrorists were killed by American forces in Iraq in the time it took me to type this comment? You weren't able to save a single one, dhimmie.

6:56 PM  
Blogger John said...

Mr. Bargholz said:

"Fantasy Land is filled with moderate muslims, patriotic leftists, attractive lesbians and Star Wars fans who get laid on a regular basis. You'll fit right in. Just don't cry to me when the moderate muslims try to saw your head off."


As for Houstonrod's slanderous remarks:

This new resident troll has proven to Republicus--quite some time ago--that he either lacks elementary reading comprehension abilities or does not read the comprehensive rebuttals but instead sees fit to be an an "expert" on what Republicus himself says and believes by holding up the rare cherry-pit spit out during first draft brainstorming and forgotten:

"As far as nitpicking, if you really believe a guy who can confuse Noah with Lot is really a practicing Christian,"

Houston is a fool. While trying to "prove" that he's not a nit-picker, he nitpicks.

I conflated the incident of Noah getting drunk and passing out naked and being seen by his son Ham (Gen. 9:20-25) with his brother Lot's daughters getting their father drunk and seducing him (19:31-36).

I leave it to Republicus' other readers to decide not only whether that qualifies as evidence of unfamiliarity with the tome, but, furthermore, how much that has to do with anyone being a "practicing Christian."

Furthermore, I challenge anyone to find anywhere on this blog where Republicus has professed of being a "practicing Christian."

Don't waste your times.

Quite the contrary, Republicus has confessed several times that he is not a paragon of Christian virtue.

What Houston is trying to do by repeatedly holding up that cherry-pit conflation of Noah and his brother Lot--both drunk and in compromising positions vis-a-vis their offspring in the respective scenes--is to discredit the entirety of Republicus' arguments on these textual, historical, and theological matters BY CHERRY-PICKING trivial errors irrelevant to the thrust of the argument.

The argument was on the shortcomings of biblical characters--even heroes--in the Old Testament.

Whether it was Noah or Lot engaging in depravity is irrelevant to the subject of--not the intoxicated Noah or the drunken Lot--but Old Testament depravity (which is NOT condoned or rewarded--e.g. Lot and his daughter's incestuous descendants were the Ammonites, of the child-sacrificing cult of Moloch--yes, MOLOCH ;)).

Yet all this "Lord of Logic" and "Fact-Master" can do is gloat: "Ah-ha! It was LOT, NOT NOAH, Wa-HAH! You're WRONG!"

And then he boasts: "I have a really bad habit of using logic and facts and expecting my opponent to do the same."

You're a fool, Houston.

Republicus has soundly rebutted any accusations--from anyone--that he is a "bigoted anti-Muslim."

Go ahead and read what I've written here:

And here:

(note that Mrs. Sultan--a modern "moderate"-- has renounced Islam, precisely on the points I've argued--and received the obligatory death threats for doing so!).

And, for the umpteenth time, here:

And he stands by what he says:

The Bible--both in the Old and New Testaments--is primarily a roadmap to heaven.

The Quaran is a war-manual for domination of the earth.

Houston angrily asked:

"Here's the bottom line Angry John, what's your solution?"

Can you read? I've written in my earliest of posts what I think the most humane way of tackling the problem is--precisely what the administration is trying to undertake.

I've made it quite clear in this VERY POST.

So why are you asking what has already been answered?

It appears your "solution" is to do nothing, to appease, to indulge, and apologize.

Mr. Bargholz is right. You're a dhimmi.

"We do have a bunch of leftover nukes from the Cold War. Maybe we should kill most of the Muslims?"

Maybe you should read what I wrote in lieu of that.

But he doesn't read, and only spews out his own "irrational venom" and "vitriolic, bloviated, titling a windmills diatribes" (he explicitly called me a "bigot" and suggested that I genocidally-inclined with the "leftover niukes" comment) while accusing me of doing same (i.e. characteristic projection).

He doesn't read, or he has reading comprehension--and logical-- deficits.

Look what he does here:

"How old are you? What is your educational background? Married? Kids? Military background?"

The last three are irrelevant non sequiters.

The second is self-evident.

As for the first punch, Republicus already beat him to it here...

"How old are you, Houston?

Are you out of high school?

Actually, I wouldn't make such an astonishingly illogical analogy in high school.

Or ever."

...and here:

"How old are you, Houston? Am I wasting my time arguing with a snot-nosed punk?"

So he is either not reading, or reading and being a puerile, petty, spiteful, "I-know-you-are-but-what-am-I?" copycat.

As I've said:

"Too much Kool Aid, Houston. You've got a problem."

AGAIN, I have said:

"Don't be naive, any of you, about the nature of the enemy we're fighting."


"Republicus is not condemning 'each and every' Muslim."


"He has devoted posts to the courageous Wafa Sultan, and other Muslims who have spoken out against the pathologies of the extremists.

He is counting on the 'moderates' to help win this war."

However, as Mr. Bargholz pointed out:

"Unfortunately, I can barely hear them.

I also said this:

"You can't tell me that the pious Muslim who eats and sleeps the Quran straps on a bomb and walks into a restaurant full of dining civilians, exclaims 'Allah Akbar!' and then blows himself and innocent others to pieces because of the Quran's meditations on the beauty of flowers, and you can't tell me that an unhinged 'Christian' takes a life because Jesus told him to.

Jesus NEVER said any such thing."

And this:

"lol Yeah, moral equivalence with the violence of the religious leader of the New Testament getting arrested, beat up, flogged, and nailed to a cross by heathens and then saying 'Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do' and the religious leader of the Quran about-facing and telling his followers to do just that (and then some)to infidels:

"The punishment of those who pit themselves against Allah and His Messenger and strive to make mischief in the land is only this, that they should be murdered or crucified or their hands and their feet should be cut off on opposite sides or they should be imprisoned; this shall be as a disgrace for them in this world, and in the hereafter they shall have a grievous chastisement..."

(Quran, 5:33-34)"

And this:

"While conquest by the sword is the Quranic destiny of Islam, the Christian destiny is to be persecuted as sheep among wolves."

Well. Not if this sheepdog can help it.


"Again, You best shaddup, Houston, because you're starting to rouse the wrath of Republicus (and it ain't pretty)."

Mind your manners, son.

You're dismissed.

7:50 PM  

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