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Friday, May 19, 2006

Christian Vs. Muslim Part IV

There's the Saudi Arabian flag.

Saudi Arabia's constitution is the Quran.

Its body of law is sharia (i.e. Quranic), and based on "legal traditions" held since the inception of Islam 1,400 years ago.

The flag of Saudi Arabia has writing on the field which translates to:

There is no god but Allah and Mohammad is His Prophet.
And a scimitar.

There is but one physical description of Jesus Christ in the New Testament, as beheld in the vision of the Apocalypse by St. John.

It, too, has a sword.

It is a configuration of metaphors and not to be taken literally:

Out of his mouth came a sharp, two-edged sword.

Revelations 1:16
What does that mean?

He's not brandishing it in his hand, nor is it disembodied to represent a singular symbol of war and bloodshed.

It is coming out of his mouth.


Because the "sword" of Jesus Christ is not the sword that pierces the flesh, but the Word that enters the heart:

In the beginning was the Word.

The Gospel of John 1:1

It is the Sword versus the Word.

It is physical violence versus Reason.

It is indeed the pen being mightier than the sword.

It is civilization versus barbarity.


Anonymous douglass said...


woah woah woah.

You can do better than this.

Nobody else hhas commented, so just take it down before hustonmod sees it. he will have a damn field day with this.

The current saudi regieme is a defacto puppet of the United States, as It earmarks its oil in 'petrodollars', making the USA wealthy in the process. Note that Bin-laden was expelled from the saudi royal family for his Jihidist views, also that the saudi royals bear heavy responsability in the anti-isreal sentiment fomented throughtout the middle east via THEIR media systems (this has changed with sattelite networks like al-jazzerra bringing real debate to the middle east, but the saduis BANNED sattelite dishes)

in short, the saudis are actually oppressing the jihadists, so, um, TAKE THIS POST DOWN (i don't care if this comment is deleted as well)

6:22 PM  
Anonymous douglass said...

er, the Saudi government (most specifically the royal family) is oppressing jihadists and being the puppet of the US, unlike most Saudi citizens and businessmen (such as those who fly planes into the twin towers and those who fund anti-Israel media)

6:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your "Christian vs Muslim" series of posts is shameful. What on earth leads you to believe that there is or that there should be a competition between these two religious traditions?

You may think that you are drawing comparisons between the beliefs of Christians and Muslims, but you are not realizing your objectives. Rather, you are demonstrating your own misundrstanding and your own intellectual limitations. You are embarrassing yourself but seem oblivious to the fact.

Quite likely you consider yourself to be both clever and educated. Unfortunately you are neither.

You are an embarrassment to intelligent Christians everywhere. Please try to think of some other subject about which to blog. The world will be better for your absence.

6:26 PM  
Blogger John said...

Douglass said:


"woah woah woah.

You can do better than this."

Tee-hee. :)

6:28 PM  
Blogger John said...

Amazing. I'm simply posting a national flag with a sword on it of a nation whose identity is entirely tied up with Islam and juxtaposing that with the only image in The Bible of Jesus with a sword and drawing my own conclusions based on the most elementary of observations.

What does that have to do with with political conditions and dynamics, Douuglass?

Anonymous said:

"Your 'Christian vs Muslim' series of posts is shameful."

Shameful for who? I don't feel shame, more amazement at the response.

"What on earth leads you to believe that there is or that there should be a competition between these two religious traditions?"

What makes you think I want "competition?"

The "Vs." preposition was one of contrast, not conflict.

I've "misconstrued" nothing, as implied by the umbrage.

*Au contraire,* the "competetitors are the Jihadists, who are Ordered to "fight" (see quotes in last post) and dominate.

What did Zacarias Moussaoui say as he was hauled off to prison?

He said: "I win, America, you lose."

THat's pretty competetive language, don't you think?


Then you're in denial.

"You may think that you are drawing comparisons between the beliefs of Christians and Muslims, but you are not realizing your objectives."

Oh, I think I am, hence the PC conniptions.

"Rather, you are demonstrating your own misundrstanding and your own intellectual limitations."

You're demonstrating that you understand quite well but are an intellectual coward and PC fascist.

"You are embarrassing yourself but seem oblivious to the fact."

I'm very well aware of the fact that I've pointed out what is self-evident and have disturbed the very same Left-wing people who attack the Right for their alleged "fascist" oppression of Freedom of Speech and their supposed religious "fascism" and now attack me for expressing my own freedom of speech and pointing out REAL religious fascism.

A very interesting education, this "Christian Vs. Muslim" series, not so much about Islam, but about the American liberal.

I'll be danged. It's true what I heard about your crowd.

YOU should be embarrassed.

Grow some skin.

"Quite likely you consider yourself to be both clever and educated."

"Quite likely?"

How did you arrive at that probability, unless that is your own impression?

Well thank you very much.

"Unfortunately you are neither."

I posted pictures.

Made a few terse observations.

And I'm called "offensive," a "bigot," "hateful," "ignorant," incendiary ("starting fire"), "oblivious," and "shameless."

You judge me to be "judmental," hate my alleged "hatefulness," and won't tolerate my alleged "intolerance."


"You are an embarrassment to intelligent Christians everywhere."


If you've been following what's been going on, I've been defending the beleagured Faith from mindless, rabid attacks for a long time now.


If you were intelligent, or a Christian, you'd realize that.

"Please try to think of some other subject about which to blog. The world will be better for your absence."

"The world will be better for your absence?"

Is that a veiled wish that I was dead?

Oo, I'm good.

But you're right about one implication:

I'm not a paragon of Christian virtue, so please forgive me if I don't send you on your way with a blessing, but tell you to go to hell.

9:06 PM  
Anonymous Jeff said...;_ylt=Ahud6hcwGPYZar3YIZSspLys0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTA3NW1oMDRpBHNlYwM3NTc-

Have fun.

10:41 PM  
Anonymous Jeff said...

Hmm, link got shredded

Don't spend too much.

10:47 PM  
Blogger John said...

It's still not working!

Anything to do with that big Star Trek auction I heard about today? :)

11:14 PM  
Anonymous Jeff said...

Yeah, the Christies auction in New York in October, figured you probably already heard.

Here is the dish, just delete after reading:

Trekkies will be setting their phasers to "bid" this fall when Christie's holds the first official studio auction of memorabilia from all five "Star Trek" television series and 10 movie spinoffs.

CBS Paramount Television Studios is cleaning out its vaults for the sale, comprising more than 1,000 lots totaling some 4,000 items, to be held from October 5 to 7 in conjunction with the 40th anniversary of the original "Star Trek" series, Christie's announced on Thursday.

Fans and collectors will have a chance to acquire "Star Trek" artifacts ranging from models of the "Starship" USS Enterprise to Capt. James Kirk's uniform or Capt. Jean-Luc Picard's jumpsuit in an auction where Christie's expects to raise more than $3 million.

Other items to hit the block include props, weapons, prosthetics and set dressings unearthed from five Paramount warehouses.

Among the highlights are a miniature of the Starship Enterprise used in visual effects for the film "Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country," expected to sell for $15,000 to $25,000, and a replica of Kirk's chair from the original TV series that was recreated for the 1996 "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" episode "Trials and Tribble-ations," which is estimated at $10,000 to


Fans with more modest budgets can train their sights on a host of Trekkie ephemera like the 10-inch Resikkan nonplaying prop brass flute used by Patrick Stewart as Picard in the episode "The Inner Light" in "Star Trek: The Next Generation," which carries a low estimate of just $300.

Cathy Elkies, director of special collections at Christie's, said the value of the objects was difficult to gauge because "we don't factor in that emotional fury generated around this kind of material."

Past estimates for auctions associated with the likes of Marilyn Monroe or Jacqueline Kennedy, who enjoyed dedicated followings, have been far off the mark as actual sale prices soared to five, 10 and even 100 times presale projections. "Star Trek" fans, with their Web sites, conventions and clubs, have proven among the most wildly devoted in all of pop culture.


"To several generations of people, 'Star Trek' was a cultural icon that represented our dreams, our hopes and our aspirations -- what we can become as a species, what we aspire to," said Mike Okuda, a graphic designer on four of the TV series and seven of the motion pictures as well as co-author of "The Star Trek Encyclopedia." "And to have a tangible piece of that is to have a tangible piece of a dream."

With the original captain's chair from the first "Star Trek" series in the Museum of Science Fiction in Seattle and the original Enterprise miniature at the Smithsonian's Air and Space Museum in Washington, other items from the 1960s show could be the most sought-after at auction.

Okuda said many of the first "Star Trek" props were reused, destroyed or disappeared. But the auction will feature a mustard-colored mini-dress from the first series as well as costumes worn by guest stars, such as a gown worn by famed attorney Melvin Belli who played an evil alien entity.

"Star Trek" fans will get a peek at the collection when the memorabilia goes on tour this week in Germany.

Conceived by author Gene Roddenberry in the mid-1960s, the original "Star Trek" series debuted in 1966.

The last TV series, "Enterprise," set in the early 22nd century, about 100 years before the adventures of Kirk's five-year mission, ended its run on the UPN network in 2005

11:23 PM  
Blogger John said...

AW, man...!

3:02 AM  
Anonymous wom said...

It's not Christian vs. Muslim, It's and. Nobody is competing or fighting. They're all, including Judaism that is, religions of the Book. One God sent all three upon us.

8:50 AM  
Blogger Jeff Bargholz said...


if the Saudi Arabian regime is America's puppet, why do we dance to THEIR tune no matter how many times they screw us? Why are they funding the jihadis you allege they oppress?

Bin Loser was banished for using demagoguery to foment rebellion, you ignoramus.

You need to drop the superfluous Dougl from your name.

7:07 PM  
Blogger Jeff Bargholz said...


islam's competition with Christianity does not depend on your belief for its existence. Islam is at war with all non muslims, who they call "infidels." They are deeply envious of Christianity and its success.

You are an embarrassment to atheists everywhere. The next time you think of expressing your opinion, think of something else. We'll all be better off.

7:12 PM  
Blogger Jeff Bargholz said...


the moon god of islam is definitely not the God of Abraham. You're repeating a common misconception. I don't have the patience for a thorough theological debunking of your ignorant, apologist claim, but suffice it to say that Christians do not practice what is written in the genocidal muslim book, Jews do not quote the Gospels or the koran and muslims do not adhere to the Old Testament or the Evangels. Those seventh century muslim cretins think that Moses and Jesus were Arabs, and that islam predates both other religions.

Please tell the muslims fighting to wipe out other religions and enslave the survivors that they really aren't fighting or competing. I'm sure that will bring peace on Earth.

7:33 PM  
Blogger John said...

That's what I've been saying, Mr. Bargholz.

They should go educate bin Laden (who knows his Quran backwards and forwards).

4:01 PM  
Anonymous douglass said...

Bargholz, you dog.

We dance to that wretched tune for the Saudi royals have a special relationship with the USA as long as they accept petrodollars in exchange for oil.

Now, you are correct about Saudi society at large, I am sure that you are familiar with the MEMRI media project and it's coverage of the filth many Saudi firms export to the Arab middle east as to foment hatred for the USA and Israel, perhaps in hopes to rid the region of the Royals as well as US and Israeli 'meddling', in hopes of creating a Shiite republic spanning from Saudi Arabia to Iran.

10:39 AM  
Blogger John said...

I'm surprised Bargholz butt heads with Douglass and Phelonius (I'm not surprised that he went after Sanjay, as the "liberal" part of "Liberal Samurai" is a magnet for abuse from pissed-off conservatives like that).

But I've picked up similar-sounding themes here and there between Douglass, Phelonius, Bargholz, as well as myself, and I suspect that they would actually see eye-to-eye on some matters.

3:35 PM  
Blogger Jeff Bargholz said...


calling me a dog is a very muslim thing to do. The truth is that dogs are one of the most admirable animals on the planet--superior to wogs and musloids in every respect.

Dogs lick there own assholes to clean them. Wogs do it because they think it feels good.

Does it really feel good, pig sucker?

1:52 AM  
Anonymous douglass said...

heh. I rattled you, jeffb

5:31 PM  

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