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Friday, March 06, 2009

Like Magic!

Friday, March 06, 2009

The Dow Jones Industrial Average has fallen faster under President Obama than under any new president in at least 90 years, according to a review conducted by Bloomberg.

Bloomberg reports that since Inauguration Day, the Dow has fallen 20 percent, leading at least one investor to dub this the "Obama bear market." The Dow has also dropped 31 percent since Election Day.

Despite a string of government bailout offers and Obama's advice earlier this week that Americans should be buying stock while shares are low, the Dow has continued to freefall.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The thame idioth who bwame Cwinton foe 9/eweven ow twying to fot Obawa foe Bush's *THECOND* rethethion.

10:09 AM  
Anonymous perlmutter said...

Eh-oo-O-ehoo...and the GOP'th thecond gwate depwethin.

Bush ith in foe EIGHT month and they bwame Cwinton foe the wonduh the countwy dithmithsed theeth pathetic fweakth.

If they want to weebeood, they-o have to show thum integwity and thum adut wethponthibiwity. Not much chanth of that...theeth aw the vewy two thingth they thwew out the window with they-o fiothy movement of wow wifes.

10:14 AM  
Anonymous me, too said...

I jutht want to thay, "DITTO, Wuth!"

10:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jethuth! THITH ith what'th left of the reichth?

11:27 AM  
Blogger John said...

RULES For Radicals #12:

"Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it."

Good luck. You think you're piranhas going after a cow crossing river, but you're really Lilliputians swarming over the sleeping giant Gulliver.

11:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fears of a Clown
Once upon a time, you could drive to the most remote reaches of the United States and escape Rush Limbaugh. But from the Mogollon Mountains of New Mexico to the Badlands of South Dakota, where only the delicious twang of a country tune or the high-pitched pleadings of a lone lunatic came over the AM dial, there is now the Mighty El Rushbo.

As someone who spends a lot of time on the road, I used to find Limbaugh to be an obnoxious but entertaining companion, his eruptions more reliable than Old Faithful. But now that Limbaugh has become something else — the face of the Republican Party, by a White House that has played him brilliantly — he has been transformed into car-wreck-quality spectacle, at once scary and sad.


The sweaty, swollen man in the black, half-buttoned shirt who ranted for nearly 90 minutes Saturday at the Conservative Political Action Conference. He reiterated his desire to see the president of his country fail. He misstated the Constitution’s intent while accusing President Obama of “bastardizing” the document. He made fun of one man’s service in Vietnam, to laughter.

(J. Scott Applewhite/Associated Press)

Rush Limbaugh.
David Letterman compared him to an Eastern European gangster. But he looked more like a bouncer at a strip club who spent all his tips on one bad outfit. And for the Republican Party, Limbaugh has become very much a vice.

Smarter Republicans know he is not good for them. As the conservative writer David Frum said recently, “If you’re a talk radio host and you have five million who listen and there are 50 million who hate you, you make a nice living. If you’re a Republican party, you’re marginalized.”

Polling has found Limbaugh, a self-described prescription-drug addict who sees America from a private jet, to be nearly as unpopular as Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who damned America in the way that Limbaugh has now damned the nation’s newly elected leader. But Republicans just can’t quit him. So even poor Michael Steele, the nominal head of the Republican Party who dared to criticize him, had to grovel and crawl back to the feet of Limbaugh.

Some expected more mettle from Steele. After all, this rare African-American Republican won his post after defeating a candidate who submitted the parody song from Limbaugh’s show: “Barack the Magic Negro.”

Race is an obsession with Limbaugh, one of the threads I noticed on those long drives on country roads.

When Colin Powell endorsed Obama during the campaign, Limbaugh said it was entirely because of race. After the election, Powell said the way for the party, which has been his home, to regain its footing was to say the Republican Party must stop “shouting at the world.”

In 2003, Limbaugh said quarterback Donovan McNabb was overrated because the media wanted a black to succeed. Over the next six years, McNabb threw for nearly 150 touchdowns and went to a Super Bowl.

And Limbaugh launched the current battle when he said of Obama: “We are being told that … we have to bend over, grab the ankles, bend over forward, backward, whichever, because his father was black, because this is the first black president.”

Translation: submit sexually to a black man because “someone” is telling us all to. Who? Which leaders of the Democratic Party have made such a claim? Which opinion-makers? But therein lies the main tactic of Limbaugh, an old demagogue technique: create a straw man, then tear it down. The latest example was Saturday, when Limbaugh presented himself as the defender of capitalism, liberty and unfettered free markets. Obama, he has said since, is waging a “war on capitalism.”

There is a war, all right. We are witnessing the worst debacle of unfettered capitalism in our lifetime brought on by — you got it, capitalism at its worst. It cannibalized itself. Government, sad to say, had nothing to do with it — except for criminal neglect of oversight.

Now that government has been forced to the rescue, just who is insisting on taxpayer bailouts? Who is in line for handouts? Who is saying that only government can save capitalism? The very leaders of unregulated markets who injected this poison into the economy, the very plutocrats that Limbaugh celebrates.

And, of course, let us never forget that the bailouts of banks and insurance companies were initiated by the Republican president Limbaugh defended for eight years.

Of late, Limbaugh has wondered why he has trouble with women. His base is white, male, Republican — people the party has to stop pandering to if it hopes to govern soon.

It’s little wonder that the thrice-married Limbaugh, who uses “femi-Nazi,” “info-babe” and “PMSNBC” (Get it? The network is full of women suffering pre-menstrual cramps, ha-ha), among his monikers for women, can’t get a date with that demographic.

For Democrats, this is all going to plan. It was James Carville and associates who first cooked up associating Limbaugh with the opposition, as Politico reported. Then on Sunday, White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel said Limbaugh was the “voice and the intellectual force and energy behind the Republican Party.”

Limbaugh played his role, ever the fool. A brave Republican could have challenged him, could have had a “have you no shame” moment with him, giving the party some other identity, some spine. Instead, they caved — from Steele, to the leaders in the House, Eric Cantor and Mike Pence, to Gov. Bobby Jindal, who would be ridiculed by Limbaugh for his real first name, Piyush, were he a Democrat.

You could almost hear their teeth clattering in fear of the all-powerful talk radio wacko, the denier of global warming, the man who said Bill Clinton’s economic policies would fail just before an unprecedented run of prosperity.

But Limbaugh has a fear of his own. If people see him purely as an “entertainer,” as Steele suggested, he will be exposed for what he is: a clown with a very large audience.

1:36 PM  
Blogger John said...

Spring is near. I think I'm going to start taking out the garbage. Just for sport.

3:12 PM  
Blogger John said...

NYT's Timothy Egan titles his piece (above, uncredited, of course) "Fears of a Clown," which is obvious projection, since the clown is so afraid of something, he thinks it's very important to inform everyone that "everyone knows" that Rush Limbaugh is a self-evident, feckless loser who poses no threat whatsoever.

Bullshit. They ostensibly began after Rush said that he hopes Obama fails if he tries to implement socialism.

The reaction:


Now, that the left is insane is obvious and well-documented, but this is too much. After eight years straight from a crowd that not only made it explicitly clear that they wanted Bush to fail, but also wished for his violent death while in office (and wrote fantasy books and produced movies to that end), they suddenly, truly think that it's beyond the pale for a conservative talk radio host to hope for the failure of certain types of policies?

Of course not. It's a just cheap excuse to eliminate him.

Listen carefully: This is about what happened in the '94 midterms.

Rush was the lone voice in the wilderness when the Clintonites--like Obama now- similarly went ape-shit once they got in with a "mandate" (less than 50%, actually).

Rather quickly, they rammed through an historically HUGE tax hike on everyone (after promising during the campaign that they would not raise them on the middle class, and after winning because Bush "Read My Lips" 41 did), and attempted a stealth socialization of health care.

The reactionary, '94 midterms was a disaster for the Democrats (who had controlled both houses for decades), and the Republican's Contract With America would be responsible for all the good things about the "Clinton Economy" that Clinton would shamelessly steal credit for: Welfare reform, a balanced budget, and deficit reduction.

Rush's populist "rallying of the troops" (i.e. the American people) caused the outraged, conservative revival across the land that won the Republicans the congress, and that Republican victory helped the tech driven economy boom, impeached the criminal Democrat president, and rolled out the carpet for George W. Bush and eight years of a Republican in the White House (who, by their very own testimony, was "The Worst President In History"--for them).

Rush's influence on that watershed election was obvious, and the new congress would make him an honorary member at the swearing in.

Of course, that infuriated the Left, and Clinton, and his hit men, Emmanuel, Carville, and Begala, all of whom are known for holding grudges and being vindictive.

And who do we see today calling for Rush's head?

Emmanuel, Carville, and Begala.

And there's Bill whispering stuff in Obama's ear like a good Iago.

That's what it's all about. They don't want that to happen again, and seeing as how Obama is following the same, aggressive leftward pattern that Clinton did, they're making it easier for history to repeat itself, and so are trying to eliminate the other half of the equation which caused that outcome.

And so Rush must be destroyed.

Let's hear what El Rushbo has to say:

RUSH: It is on the record -- thanks to -- since last fall, the White House, led by Rahm Emanuel, the chief of staff to Barack Obama, has been targeting me, your host, your harmless, lovable little fuzzball. Their standard operating procedure: they need a demon to distract and divert from what their agenda is. They need a demon about whom they can lie so as to persuade average Americans that they're the good guys, the benevolent good guys, and the mean SOBs are their enemies trying to stop this great young little president from doing miraculous and wonderful things.

Here is a new ad that this union bunch is running in Washington, DC, ladies and gentlemen. And, of course, it's been picked up all over the Web. You guys, if you haven't done so, you gotta go to The DNCC, whatever it is, they have a questionnaire up there. It's hilarious. I have to give 'em credit. You can see it right now at It is a form letter where any Republican can send a note of apology to me. The note is an apology note to me, and you can fill in your name and the reason you're apologizing. It is funny. I had to laugh when I saw it last night. I instructed Koko, just put it up there, 'cause it's hilarious. It's as good as the old Saturday Night Live stuff back when Saturday Night Live was actually funny. But there's a new ad targeted at your lovable, harmless little fuzzball host from that union bunch. It starts today in Washington, DC, which means it's going to be all over the cable networks pretty soon.

ANNOUNCER: Who is the leader Republicans hailed as a hero last weekend? Was it Sarah Palin?

PALIN: Nope, nope, nope.

ANNOUNCER: Bobby Jindal?

JINDAL: No, no, no.

ANNOUNCER: Michael Steele?

STEELE: No, no, no.

ANNOUNCER: Mitch McConnell?

MCCONNELL: No, no, no.

ANNOUNCER: Then who? Not Rush Limbaugh?

RUSH ARCHIVE: Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

ANNOUNCER: Call the Republican leadership. Tell them to just say "no" to the politics of Rush Limbaugh.

RUSH ARCHIVE: I hope he fails.

ANNOUNCER: Paid for by Americans United for Change.

RUSH: That's the union bunch. Can you just see...? (laughing) "Call the Republican leadership and say no to Limbaugh." (laughing) Now, ladies and gentlemen, the Politico story today. I got an e-mail last night from the writer of the story, Jonathan Martin, who did not tell me the full details of what the story they were working on was. He did not tell me that they have discovered that there is a team inside the White House targeting me and that they've been doing this since last fall, when they went out and did some polling data and found out I've got very high negatives among certain groups. So they thought, "Well, this is the guy to demonize! Since Bush is leaving, we need somebody," and so this is being led from the White House. There is an orchestrated attack, daily drumbeat on me from the White House. The participants here are James Carville, Paul Begala and Rahm Emanuel.

But make no mistake about it. Emanuel is the leader of all of this. Carville and Begala are just trying to ride my fame into their fortune and become relevant again. Begala and Carville, don't confuse them with the power brokers that are managing this. It all Emanuel. Begala and Carville are second-rate talking heads on CNN. CNN has no audience. Rahm Emanuel is the power behind the throne -- and don't let his effeminate nature and his ballerina past mislead you on this. He may look effeminate (he was a ballerina at one time) but he has the feral instincts of a female rat defending its young. Well, take a look. When Emanuel and Carville and Begala are together (and I've seen pictures) it looks like a reunion of the Village People. (singing) Y! M! C! A! They are really the official greeters in Roswell, New Mexico, in Area 51 where Carville was born.

My point here is that these are really odious, empty, nasty people who are feasting on their own arrogance. They are power hungry. But, you know what? They've never had a serious debate over ideas. Their goal is to destroy opponents, which is what they're trying to do now. They don't want to engage opponents. Their idea of victory is the destruction of the opponent. They're not for a level playing field. They want to clear the playing field so that their ideas do not have to undergo any scrutiny. So what do they do? They leak stories to The Politico intended to create impressions about their own importance and their brilliance, when in fact they aren't even bit players on the nation's stage. This is Emanuel, and this is Obama.

But I have an idea. If these guys are so impressed with themselves, and if they are so sure of their correctness, why doesn't President Obama come on my show? We will do a one-on-one debate of ideas and policies. Now, his people in this Politico story, it's on the record. They're claiming they wanted me all along. They wanted me to be the focus of attention. So let's have the debate! I am offering President Obama to come on this program -- without staffers, without a teleprompter, without note cards -- to debate me on the issues. Let's talk about free markets versus government control. Let's talk about nationalizing health care and raising taxes on small business.

Let's talk about the New Deal versus Reaganomics. Let's talk about closing Guantanamo Bay, and let's talk about sending $900 million to Hamas. Let's talk about illegal immigration and the lawlessness on the borders. Let's talk about massive deficits and the destroying of opportunities of future generations. Let's talk about ACORN, community agitators, and the unions that represent the government employees which pour millions of dollars into your campaign, President Obama. Let's talk about your elimination of school choice for minority students in the District of Columbia. Let's talk about your efforts to further reduce domestic drilling and refining of oil. Let's talk about your stock market. By the way, Mr. President, I want to help. Yesterday you said you looked at the stock market as no different than a tracking poll that goes up and down.

There's no "up and down" here. We have a plunge. The president yesterday suggested "we're getting to the point where profits and earnings ratios are approaching that point where you want to invest." Uh, Mr. President? There is no "profits and earnings" ratio. It's "price and earnings" ratio. He's the president of the United States. He doesn't know anything about the stock market. He's admitted it before. Let's talk about it anyway. You want to maintain it's a tracking poll? I'd love to talk to you about that. Let's talk about all of these things, Mr. President. Let's go ahead and have a debate on this show. No limits. Now that your handlers are praising themselves for promoting me as the head of a political party -- they think that's a great thing -- then it should be a no-brainer for you to further advance this strategy by debating me on the issues and on the merits, and wipe me out once and for all!

Just come on this program. Let's have a little debate. You tell me how wrong I am and you can convince the rest of the Americans that don't agree with you how wrong we all are. You're a smart guy, Mr. President. You don't need these hacks to front for you. You've debated the best! You've debated Hillary Clinton. You've debated John Edwards. You've debated Joe Biden. You've debated Dennis Kucinich. You've debated the best out there. You are one of the most gifted public speakers of our age. I would think, Mr. President, you would jump at this opportunity. Don't send lightweights like Begala and Carville to do your bidding -- and forget about the ballerina, Emanuel. He's got things to do in his office. These people, compared to you, Mr. President, are rhetorical chum.

I would rather have an intelligent, open discussion with you where you lay out your philosophy and policies and I lay out mine -- and we can question each other, in a real debate. Any time here at the EIB Network studios. If you're too busy partying or flying around giving speeches and so forth, then send Vice President Biden. I'm sure he would be very capable of articulating your vision for America -- and if he won't work, send Geithner, and we can talk about the tax code. And if that won't work, go get Bob Rubin. I don't care. Send whoever you want if you can't make it. You don't need to be leaking stories to Politico like this thing that's published today. You don't need to have your allies writing op-eds and all the rest. If you can win at this, then come here and beat me at my own game, and get rid of me once and for all, and show all the people of America that I am wrong.

In fact, Mr. President, you know what, I know these are tough economic times, and you're trying to convince people that you're "saving" the taxpayers money, that you're cutting spending, that you're cutting the deficit. In that vein, I, Mr. President, will send my jet, EIB One, to pick you up and bring you here and take you back to wherever you want to go. You'd love it. It's not as big and luxurious as your jet, but it's got enough seats for your Secret Service detail. But it is something to behold. I'm very proud of it, Mr. President. I worked for it. I paid for it. Taxpayers pay you for your travel. Nobody pays me for mine. I pay for it. I pay for the airplane. I pay for the travel. I pay for practically everything I do. We can talk about that, too. I could tell you what that's like.

And once you land, by the way, I have a fleet of SUVs because I have guests here all the time. I have four or five SUVs. I can send a caravan to pick you up. I'll even put you up at The Breakers. It's a five-star resort. I'll do it all on my dime. We don't want the taxpayers footing any of the bill for this -- and my jet burns a lot less fuel than your two and your C-130 to bring your limousine and SUV caravan here. In fact, you know what, Mr. President? I'll tell you what I will do, if you will do this. I will promise to order some Wagyu Kobe beef at $100 a pound, just like you serve at your cocktail parties and your Super Bowl parties. I'll get it from Allen Brothers in Chicago, since you like that. I know you like $100-per-pound beef. You serve it at the White House.

But I'll cover the cost. I will cover the cost, Mr. President, so that the taxpayers do not have to pay for it, as they did your Super Bowl party, and as they do your Wednesday afternoon cocktail party. So you have no excuses. Your flunkies are demanding this debate. Your flunkies are targeting a private citizen with an enemies list that so far has three or four names on it: Mine; Rick Santelli; Jim Cramer at CNBC; and let's not forget Joe the Plumber, who your allies in Ohio also tried to destroy. The difference is that Joe the Plumber does not have his own microphone every day. They're shutting Santelli up at CNBC. They're going to shut Cramer up pretty soon, too, but he'll go down with a fight. That isn't going to happen here, to me.

I'm calling. I'm ready. I'll do everything I can to facilitate it. You're a very courageous man, Mr. President. I am, after all, just The Last Man Standing. If you take me out, if you can wipe me out in a debate and prove to the rest of America that what I say is senseless and wrong, do you realize you will own the United States of America? You will have no opposition. You have America's media in your back pocket. It's amazing. In 1972, Richard Nixon had an enemies list, and the media was outraged by this. They were outraged. At the same time, those who weren't on it were a little jealous. But they were outraged that a president would engage in this kind of behavior toward the media. Now they go after a private citizen.

Rahm Emanuel is leading the team going after a private citizen, and the Drive-By Media applaud, get on board and help further the mission. We live in different times. So if you can wipe me out -- and, by the way, Mr. President, and Mr. Emanuel: Don't make the mistake of assuming I'm wiping myself out here in the process. I want to thank you guys for elevating me beyond the stature I already earned and achieved, because now more and more Americans have the opportunity to learn who you really are, what your ideas will really accomplish, and what damage and harm I think your policies will bring for a very, very long time to them and to this country. So I want to thank you for the opportunity. Obviously, it's a threat targeting me. I've extended the invitation. I'm looking forward to hearing back from whoever in your cabal one way or the other on accepting my offer.


3:21 PM  
Blogger Phelonius said...


The left does not care about so-called "reality." They never have, and they are not about to start now.

The reality that they are never going to admit is that their version of economics HAS NOT WORKED ANYWHERE it has ever been implemented. They cannot get over that. It does not matter that you throw example after example. They are programmed to say that it is all because it is the social dynamic that they are wishing to address and real economics are nothing more than a mere inconvenience.

The social agenda is everything, and they are willing to sacrifice everything to achieve that.

6:39 PM  
Blogger Phelonius said...

To the lefties:

And, by the way, not many real conservatives "hate" Rush Limbaugh.

Hate is a by-word of the left that is terrified of real debate. You may "hate" when it comes to dialog, but that will only be because you do not want you views to be challenged. The people on the right disagree with Rush all the time, and we are ok with that. One viewpoint does not make us panic.

It is not the same on the far left, no??

You HAVE to bow to the correct ideology, yes? You know who your masters are after all, yes?

I have no master other than a creator, and that is going to scare you to DEATH, because those "God things" are not supposed to be in that Marxist language are they? We argue all the time on the intellectually honest side all the time. and we do not live in fear of debate.

How many times have I challenged you spineless morons to a debate only to be ridiculed because you have no thing to fight a war with? I am done with that, but if any of you lefties have an appendage called "balls" feel free, but you better come armed with something better than a weak social agenda and a Marxist economy. There are way too many economies that are still coming away from the EU model to find something other.

6:54 PM  
Blogger Phelonius said...

I leave this:

The person that has NO MASTER other than the Creator is the most free of all humans. The basis of our Constitution is based on that premise. I cannot harm my neighbor on any basis other than the Constitution, and likewise my neighbor cannot harm me.

We established our freedoms along these lines and I challenge all to debate that.

7:07 PM  
Anonymous D. Simes said...

Poor, dumb Phonyass...can't admit that conservative economics just failed catastrophically AGAIN...and has to be rescued ONCE MORE by leftists.

And, then of course there are all the huge crashes of the capitalist economy before the Great fails over and over and these morons just ignore it and keep up their asinine parrot talk.

That must be painful.

And, how do you like those Bush dictator memos, simpdick? That's the kind of "liberty" you sick frauds really like...being ruled by morons.

Oh, we want you to keep hanging on to your loser philosophy and your fat, loser fact, we're counting on it.

9:39 PM  
Blogger John said...

Bravo, Phelonius. Here here.

10:49 PM  
Blogger John said...

Simian is acting like an angry chimp again.

11:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Theeth GOP queerth mutht knock Rumpboyo jutht thoe they-o have an ekthkyooth to kith hith fat ath aftuwudth...too funny:

Howth Wepubwican Minowity Whip Ewic Cantoe tellth the wod that Wimbau'th ideath aw “what I’m about” jutht five dayth aftuh thoundly wejecting Wimbaugh on Thith Week with Joe-ej Thtephanapuluth.

6:06 AM  
Blogger John said...

Simian snorted:

"Poor, dumb Phonyass...can't admit that conservative economics just failed catastrophically AGAIN..."

"Conservative economics" made us the richest, most powerful nation in the history of the world bar NONE, and in the midst of a "catastrophic failure" enabled a new president to borrow a trillion dollars to "fix the catastrophic failure."

We're still here, and still Number One, as economies the world over suffer their own vicissitudinal downswing.

Especially the socialist ones.

"Catastrophic failure" are not the words that would describe a nation that is able to whether a downturn of this magnitude precisely because of the very system maligned.

A "catastrophic failure" is the Soviet Union.

Wiped itself off the map (because it tried to compete with the Capitalist West, and went bankrupt in the process).

"...and has to be rescued ONCE MORE by leftists."

Fool. FDR saved jack. LBJ too.

"And, then of course there are all the huge crashes of the capitalist economy before the Great Depression..."

"Huge! HUGE!! HUGE!!! Thumbody get my pillth! I'm having a conniption!"

Of course, the utopian dream of the Soviet Union didn't have a HUGE CRASH. And all the other socialist economies around the world are far more succesful than America's capitalist one (even now).

Simian is insane. Or just dumb with an attitude.

" fails over and over..."


And that's it exactly. They think theyb can control it and make it "stop" doing the things that systems do, like grow and shrink. They want to make it static. That's what statists do.

They hate the All-American sound of the Wall Street bell and the chaotic hustle and bustle of trading which follows, and the dizzying peaks and troughs on the tickers running like an irregular heartbeat.

They want to flatline it (with them in control, of course, so they can enjoy all the creature comforts denied to the brain-wiped, impoverished--but crack-happy!--The People and their The Children).

"...and these morons just ignore it and keep up their asinine parrot talk."

You're ugly, simian. Very ugly.

"That must be painful."

Your life is painful. And you want everyone else to feel your pain.

"And, how do you like those Bush dictator memos, simpdick?"

How do you like your unhinged BDS paranoia, dolt?

Oh, you love it. You think it'th jutht thoe ENLIGHTENING! You know the Twooth! ...and your going to shove it down everyone's throat whether they like it or not, because you, simian, are superior!

"That's the kind of 'liberty' you sick frauds really like...being ruled by morons."

I don't like it one bit, and it's only been a month.

"Oh, we want you to keep hanging on to your loser philosophy and your fat, loser fact, we're counting on it."

It's all about '94. Yet you failed to wedge the GOP away from Rush. You were crowing just the other day about all the RINOs who were trying to run away from him, and now you're sniping because not enough had, and, indeed, are saying fuck you. And now they're surrounding the big fat wagon.

Try again.

6:57 AM  
Blogger Kelly said...

Phelonius, you know it doesn't do any good to talk to the lefties. I know, I know, you get in these moods...

It was well said, at any rate.

John, Bearack Obearama

7:10 AM  
Blogger John said...

That about sums it up.

7:18 AM  
Anonymous Larry Blivins said...

We became the richest nation on earth because we had an entire unspoiled continent of untouched resources to rape...and are now in serious decline because we didn't have the self discipline of a regulated economy to manage them for the long term. Our best years were the highly taxed, tightly regulated decades from FDR to Reagan who was too stupid to learn and began the disastrous turn back to the disastrous past. He loved those robber baron years...the mass murderer, W.R. Grace was one of his favorites...and did all he could to return us to that evil period.

10:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hahahaha...they're still in terminal denial over FDR...just one of the reasons they're the laughing stock of America.

10:04 AM  
Anonymous Blivins said...

You know, I hate to admit it but I just realized one of the main reasons I check these right blogs out is that it makes me feel so superior. The right is just a pack of poorly educated losers of various stripes...grotesques and yokels all, with a sprinkling of highly intelligent sociopaths herding them around. What a spectacle!

10:09 AM  
Anonymous LB said...

Oh, as an example, that would be hear, hear, monkey.

10:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blivins must not have been born yet when Mr. Peanut was President. He longs for the good old days of great society dreams and stagflation realities.

10:39 AM  
Blogger John said...

Blivins. lol

11:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Captain Moron,
We're still waitiing to hear about whether or not your fag cousin is a pedophile. Spill it!

12:20 PM  
Blogger John said...

The FDR myth has been busted, too.

And then there's LBJ's "Great Society"--of inner city housing projects and welfare queens.

And blivious thinks nothing about the fact that the greatest number of wealthy people ever in one country in history were created between Reagan and Bush 43 right here in the United States, while the standard of living for the American middle class was--and still is-- unsurpassed anywhere else in the whole world, and greater than anytime preceding.

blivins is a typical liberal who thinks America is the worst country but has never lived anywhere else, while immigrants from all over God Bless this country--for a reason--and make superb, patriotic citizens (unlike shameless traitors like blivins).

And liberals think that spending a semester abroad while in college or going on some Club Med travel junket on daddy's dime after graduation and learning a phrase or two (in atrocious accents) counts towards qualifying them as "wordly."

They're no such thing. They're as provincial as they come.

Did you ever notice that all these "wordly" and "sophisticated" liberals, like the Clintons, Al Gore, John Edwards, and Obama are monolingual?

They're frauds.

There's Kerry, but he, of course, learned French.

12:37 PM  
Blogger John said...

Beat it, Perlmutter.

12:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Remember this?

God, these freaks are all the same.

Joe the Plumber is a welfare queen too...
Is there anything this guy hasn't been involved in? What's next for Joe, "Dancing with the Stars?" I was watching H&C last night and made this clip after I almost couldn't stop laughing at this guy. Joe "the Plumber" Wurtzelbacher is the perfect definition of what a wingnut is if you never understood the term before. You see, he survived in our country using welfare, a program designed to help the needy, but now says Obama is not loyal to our country because he wants to take our money and give it to other people. Does he drive a Cadillac too? I guess if it wasn't for welfare he wouldn't be littering our air waves. His 15 minutes are almost up.

Colmes: Do you really doubt that Barack Obama's loyalty to the United States?

Plumber: a Democracy "yes," I mean, right back to the, as far as the Socialism issues, spreading the wealth around. I mean, Alan that is right out of Karl Marx.....Webster dictionary...government health care...

Colmes: You don't think he's loyal to our country?

Plumber Joe: To democracy? He's proposing a lot of changes that could change the core of America, don't you think?

Plumber Joe: Was it patriotic for Joe Biden to say "take my money and give it to other people? That's patriotism?

Colmes: Well, let me ask, you were on welfare once, was that taking somebodies else's money and giving it to you?

Plumber Joe: Paid into welfare. It something to be used, not to be abused like it often is.

Spoken like a true wingnut. He's perfect for FOX News. Colmes nailed him pretty good. He talks about his principles at the end of the clip, but really they are no principles at all, just the principle of a wingnut.

Jed has more:

So it turns out that when Plumber Joe was a child, he was on welfare, not once, but twice, and he credits it with helping his family ultimately lead a middle-class life style. He defends having received welfare by saying that he's subsequently paid into the system.

Suddenly we have Joe The Reasonable, right? Well, not exactly. Plumber Joe has got something of a tax dodging problem. In the end, he's just another typical Republican hypocrite.

12:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha...this kunt can't handle Perl...who just pointed out that stagflation began under Nixon and was passed on to Carter...

first he falls back on baby talk, now he can't handle it at all and starts deleting. pathetic guy all around.

12:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dun, uh, yeah...HERE HERE, John...

hahahahahahha what a dumb fuck

12:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol...have you ever noticed that Bush and these monkey GOPs are totally nonlingual?

12:45 PM  
Blogger John said...

That's right. Go after private American citizens like Limbaugh and Joe the Plumber while kissing the noisome buttocks of Hamas and Ahmedenijad.

Enjoy this interregnum while it lasts, scumbags. The country's historically overdue for a one-termer, and Obama is fitting the profile of one quite well.

"Joe has got something of a tax dodging problem. In the end, he's just another typical Republican hypocrite."


It's a mental illness.

12:46 PM  
Anonymous like fish in a barrel said...

yes, i'm sure the country is already longing for another moron in the Whitehouse...and the GOP is well stocked for that purpose.

Jindal/Palin would make a great ticket to looneyland.

The Obama Must Fail mantra is absolutely necessary to their psychological's their only hope and, THAT, is truly mental illness.

12:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They won't understand unless you spell it stratagery, fish...or ith that fith? hahahahahahahaha

12:56 PM  
Blogger John said...

I'm sure Perlie will come in here like a masked, anonymous terrorist and set off his roadside bombs (i.e. running in here and squatting to take a dump in the middle of commentary traffic before running off with a snickering "Victory is mine!" smirk), but if he shows his face, he's getting obliterated.

Just be lucky I find you, simian, blivious, and fathead perversely amusing.

And of course I get perverse enjoyment by spanking lana banana's and blossom's comely and quivering buttcheeks.

And I'm sure the feeling is mutual, fellas. There's a reason why they spend more time at Republicus than they do in your itty-bitty-dickie and whining company.

Ha ha. Boys will be boys. But they know who the real men are.


1:19 PM  
Anonymous Blivins, your special ed tutor said...

Pathetic, nailed the unwashed, little trailer trasher with that "hear, hear" thing Perly...they're very defensive about their lack of education. That's why the poor dinks are always compensating with butchered, inappropriate latin phrases and utterly irrelevant citations from classical literature.

2:04 PM  
Blogger John said...

Right. *Hinc illae lacrimae.*

2:14 PM  
Blogger John said...

blivious sniped:

"You know, I hate to admit it but I just realized one of the main reasons I check these right blogs out is that it makes me feel so superior."

Yeah, sure. Said the moth to the flame.

2:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Racist, insane Freepers have to be warned again about threats of violence to the president.

Now, there's a den of treason that should be shut down.

8:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If they didn't shut down as a den of treason, nothing in this country ever deserves to be censored again.

7:19 AM  
Blogger John said...


9:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just doubled my dues to Move-on, a nice, moderately progressive organization which never calls for the death of anyone, let alone a president. Now, I've thought about it, I think I'll make another contribution.

Oh, I see some liberal has managed to teach this moron something, but, of course, he needs further correction: Hear, hear! would be the correct form, wingbat.

11:10 AM  
Blogger John said...

Hyphenating it is perfectly acceptable for the sake of phonetics.

"...Move-on, a nice, moderately progressive organization..."


12:05 PM  
Anonymous Dok said...

2nd Hand Smoke Creates Republicans:

Secondhand Smoke Linked to Dementia
Exposure may increase risk by 44%, researchers say

By Steven Reinberg
HealthDay Reporter

(HealthDay News) -- People exposed to secondhand smoke may face as much as a 44 percent increased risk of developing dementia, a new study suggests.

While previous research has established a connection between smoking and increased risk for dementia and Alzheimer's disease, this new study is the largest review to date showing a link between secondhand smoke and the threat of dementia, the authors said.

"There is an association between cognitive function, which is often but not necessarily a precursor of dementia, and exposure to passive smoking," said lead researcher Iain Lang, a research fellow in the Public Health and Epidemiology Group at Peninsula Medical School in Exeter, England.

What's more, Lang said, the risk of impaired cognitive function increases with the amount of exposure to secondhand smoke, the findings suggest. "For people at the highest levels of exposure, the risk is probably higher," he said.

The study was published online Feb. 13 in the journal

For the study, Lang's team collected data on more than 4,800 nonsmokers who were over 50 years old. The researchers tested saliva samples from these people for levels of cotinine, a product of nicotine that can be found in saliva for about 25 hours after exposure to smoke.

The study participants also took neuropsychological tests to assess brain function and cognitive impairment. These tests evaluated memory, math and verbal skills. People whose scores were in the lowest 10 percent were classified as having some level of cognitive impairment.

The researchers found that people with the highest cotinine levels had a 44 percent increased risk of cognitive impairment, compared with people with the lowest cotinine levels. And, while the risk of impairment was lower in people with lower cotinine levels, the risk was still significant.

"We know that active smoking is bad -- being a smoker is bad for your health and increases your risk of Alzheimer's. This study suggests that this is the same for passive smoking," Lang said. "We know that passive smoking is associated with an increased risk of stroke and heart disease. This is just another reason to avoid exposing other people to your smoke, and if you are not a smoker to stay away from smoking places."

Maria Carrillo, director of medical and scientific relations for the Alzheimer's Association, said this study offers more evidence of the dangers of secondhand smoke and the risk for dementia. Smoking is already recognized as a risk factor for Alzheimer's, and the risk can be extended to exposure to secondhand smoke, she said.

"There are findings that secondhand smoke can be just as detrimental as smoking itself," Carrillo said. "We recommend that people do not smoke and try to reduce their exposure to secondhand smoke as well."

Dr. Mark Eisner, an associate professor of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco, and author of an accompanying editorial in the journal, said, "This study should provide further motivation for public policy aimed at making all public spaces smoke-free."

12:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Every issue Move On supports is a majority position with the broad American public from health care to addressing global warming to rolling back the Bush tax cuts for the rich. There is not one issue on which they would be considered radical.You little kkkunts are so backward, you still resent the vote for women.

12:23 PM  
Blogger John said...


Good luck!

2:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

...which never calls for the death of anyone, let alone a president.

LOL! We've all experienced your Bush hatred, you aren't foolin' anyone.

3:20 PM  
Blogger John said...

"The Obama Must Fail mantra is absolutely necessary to their psychological's their only hope and, THAT, is truly mental illness."

No sir. It is you. That was pure projection of a condition you are well familiar with. "Bush Must Fail" was the mantra that was absolutely necessary to your own psychological survival, your only hope and strategy.

You're sick.

3:21 PM  
Blogger John said...

Right on, fj. They're sick. It's not even like they know it's true but are trying to be devious (however absurd the attempt). They are in deep denial of the derangement and are projecting unconsciously.

6:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, we're projecting:

Talk about a bunch of poor, desperate lowlifes...

Luuuvely People, these Freepers

One of those patriotic, freedom-loving Americans at Free Republic offers us all a glimpse of one Freeper's vision of America:

"The day after the election I fired an employee who was an open Obama supporter. If more employers took this attitude we wouldn’t have a Communist in the Oval Office.

Why should anyone here have a problem with making traitors or supporters of traitors pay a price?" Free Republic [1]

...and later...

"Last I heard my former employee has been evicted and the car has been repo’d. I’m also challenging the Unemployment claim because I made it clear during the hiring process that there is no room in my company for liberals or DemonRats. Thus, the individual lied when I asked about political leanings and was subsequently insubordinate, a particular concern in my line of business.

Supporting a traitorous rat of a President and a Congress full of quislings is not a matter of conscience. It is treason. The SOB got what he deserved. If more employers would take this approach we’d have a real conservative in the White House and the DemonRAT party and its followers would be eradicated. " Free Republic [2]

So this scumbag fired someone for his politics -- and then challenged the unemployment claim.

And he brags about it.

Recently, there was a weirdly reassuring piece on Daily Kos about the Secret Service's reaction to the threats against President Obama regularly posted on Free Republic. Apparently the SS has contacted Jim Robinson frequently enough that he's felt compelled to post a message [3] asking Freepers to tone it down.

I'm glad about that, but given other comments I've read from Freepers in which they take it upon themselves to personally punish fellow Americans who dared to vote for Obama (including writing down the addresses of homes that had Obama signs) it may not just be public figures in need of protection.

10:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good luck?

Who needs it?

Do you remember the election, simp?

And, of course, we hated Bush...EVERYONE sane hated Bush...especially GOPs whose party he destroyed.

10:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for demonstrating your true nature once again.

5:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

August 2006 poll of 900 respondents...

"Regardless of how you voted in the presidential election, would you say you want President Bush to succeed or not?"

51 percent of Democrats and 34 percent of Independents didn't want President Bush to succeed... even though our nation was at war in Iraq and Afghanistan.


6:03 AM  
Blogger John said...

Note that they wanted Bush personally--not some policy--to fail.

7:37 AM  
Blogger John said...


"For the past eight years our racially hypersensitive friends thought it perfectly acceptable to label our former president with the friendly yet demeaning appellation of "chimpy", so it seems to me that only a hyper sensitive modern racist could now object to a continuation of this time honored tradition.... and such has the case been proven. Evidently, matters concerning past racial bigotry transcend and supercede contemporary matters of high political office.


In other words, stop living in the past you Darwinian un-evolved political monkeys."



10:51 AM  
Blogger John said...


"The left does not care about so-called "reality." They never have, and they are not about to start now.

The reality that they are never going to admit is that their version of economics HAS NOT WORKED ANYWHERE it has ever been implemented. They cannot get over that. It does not matter that you throw example after example. They are programmed to say that it is all because it is the social dynamic that they are wishing to address and real economics are nothing more than a mere inconvenience.

The social agenda is everything, and they are willing to sacrifice everything to achieve that."



3:28 PM  

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