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Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Tellingly, in tonight's debate, That One's (i.e. Obama's) attitude towards those eligible for healthcare is the same attitude Fannie Mae (and Obama's outfit ACORN) had for those eligible for home loans: Pre-existing conditions should be ignored.

It's a philosophy that tells you exactly where That One's coming from.

It manifested itself again with his "right" to healthcare (vs. McCain's "responsibility").

For his part, after McCain scolded That One for saying he would just go in and bomb Pakistan, and That One shot back by reminding everyone that McCain said (joked), "Bomb-bomb-Iran" and "nuke N. Korea" (or something), McCain failed to ask: "Is That One really comparing Iran and North Korea to Pakistan, a democracy and our ally in the war on terror?" (internal problems with jihadist hordes notwithstanding)

Because he was.


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