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Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Fruits of Clinton's War

MSNBC is consulting Clintonites Wesley Clark and Jamie Rubin for their "objective" expertise on the rioting in Kosovo.

Clark said: "This is clearly the fault of the Serbian government."

Barbara Streisand. It's the fault of the Clintonites choosing to help the wrong side in a tit-for-tat civil war that involved indigenous Orthodox Christian Serbs and Muslim Albanian expansionists so Clinton could compensate for Impeachment by commander-in-chiefing a spectacular air war over Kosovo in the Spring of 1999 to (1) "wag the dog" by aping Bush 41's spectacular show of force in the Gulf War, (2) simultaneously kiss up to the Muslim world in his failed Legacy Quest to bring peace to the Middle East (which would entail Hillary kissing Mrs. Arafat on the cheek and Bill to treat the PLO terrorist Yasser like a foreign dignitary, not that any of that earned any gratitude for America if dancing by Palestinians on 9/11 was any indication), and (3, and the public, rationalizing cover for 1 & 2) force the Serbian Milosevic to stop hitting the Albanians back.

In Clinton's sales job to the American people for the unprovoked attack on a sovereign nation in the heart of Europe (and to be sure, every president has had to make his case to the American people for going to war), Clinton's propaganda machine resorted to hysterical, fear-mongering warnings that (1) WWI was triggered by the Archduke Ferdinand's assassination in the Balkans (so, uh, you know), and that (2) Milosevic could very-well-maybe-so-perhaps-coud-be hiding "dirty-nukes" (i.e. WMD), so it was imperative that we (3) stopped the genocide of Albanians that was likened to the Holocaust (not even close), or else!

(Not a peep from the antiwar crowd for rationalizing a war on bogus and/or highly exaggerated grounds, and bypassing authorization from both the U.S. Congress and the U.N.)

So Clinton got his war (not long after after he whined to his advisor Dick Morris that he wished he had one because every great president did).

Anyay, Kosovo, Serbia, is heavily populated by Albanians (who have their own country, Albania) but Kosovo is to Serbia what Los Angeles--if not New York City-- is to the United States, i.e. an important part of its identity, so Kosovo's declaration of its independence is an outrage to the Serbians.

It is precisely as if the burgeoning Mexican community in Los Angeles reached critical mass and declared independence from the United States.

Meanwhile, the Serbs are being portrayed as the bad guys because they're storming the American embassy, burning the American flag, and waving signs that say stuff like "Down With American Terrorism."

That certainly can't be condoned, but it shouldn't be demonized, either.

Here's what the Serbians suffered because of Bill "Peace & Prosperity" Clinton's desire to unleash American air power on a defenseless people (on behalf of Muslim separatists in a sovereign European Christian nation):

So they're upset with America's one-sided meddling in a centuries-old Civil War against Albanian narcoterrorists (who have since the American-led NATO air attack turned Kosovo into an underground railroad of sorts for al Qaeda) and are lashing out.

The sheer overkill of the air attack in 1999 on a Yugo-producing European country was overseen by Supreme NATO Commander Wesley Clark, hence his own lashing out and his blaming of the righteously-indignant Serbs for blaming him and Bill.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Osama's boys needed more training. They got it in Kosovo.

12:20 PM  
Blogger John said...

What do you mean, Farmer? The Muslim separatists? lol

12:40 PM  
Blogger Phelonius said...

I remember that every time Clinton got into hot water in one way or another, he looked around for a diversion, and that usually involved bombing an aspirin factory, Saddam's forces, or another foreign power of some kind.

You are correct, as usual, John, in pointing out that a badly built house of cards falls faster. It is akin the the left's idea of peace in Israel by scolding Israel when they defend themselves. Not gonna work in the long run.

2:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I mean Osama's independently controlled 40,000 man Caliphate Restoration Army of international jihadi's leftover from Afghanistan's "Russian" adventure that needed an ACDUTRA to keep "The Base's" (al Qaeda's) skills honed. Osama pitched using them to the Saudi King against the Iraqi's in '90, but the King went with modern firepower.

4:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was bin Laden involved? You tell me.

4:17 PM  
Blogger Kelly said...

"every time Clinton got into hot water in one way or another, he looked around for a diversion"

Ahh...the good ole change the subject routine.

6:30 PM  
Blogger John said...

Two things, FJ:

1) I had edited this post-- after, it appears, you commented on it-- and noted al Qaeda's exploitation of Albanian empowerment:

"So they're upset with America's meddling in a centuries-old Civil War against Albanian narcoterrorists (who have since the American-led NATO air attack turned Kosovo into an underground railroad of sorts for al Qaeda) and are lashing out."

2) I thought you joked: "OBAMA'S boys needed more training. They got it in Kosovo," and that you were humorously equating the Muslim separatist KLA (Kosovo "Liberation" Army) and Obama's mentor.


4:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tony Lake and Susan Rice? Maybe. LOL!

7:07 AM  

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