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Monday, October 27, 2008

Obama & Taxes Part II

In the last post, the prospect that a President Obama would raise taxes to a much greater extent than is downplayed by his persistence that he will give tax-cuts to "95% of Americans" was made with near certitude.

He has already unabashedly boasted of spending programs surpassing a trillion dollars, but the underlying Marxist ideology is couched by the tax-cutting mantra and his name-dropping of mega-Capitalist supporters like Warren Buffet (though he wisely remains mum about George Soros' support).

When a Florida anchorwoman asked Joe Biden point-blank if Obama was a Marxist, Biden sneered contemptuously: "Are you joking?" and denied and protesteth much-too-much, methinks.

The footsoldiers were quickly dispatched and drew the long knives, as one anonymous tool commented in the last post:

"Meanwhile, Biden goes on TV shows in poorly educated areas of the country and 'reporters' ask him questions so absurd and loaded that Sean Hannity would find them unfair."

Right. And Joe The Plumber is Joe "The Plumber."

Anyway, the recent expose' (below) makes clear, once and for all, from the donkey's mouth, that Obama believes in a "redistribution of wealth"--i.e. Marxist-- philosophy, and so guarantees--with a filibuster-proof Congress, at worst, or a thuggish majority, at best--that Obama will radically change the tax-structure of the American system (which is already overtaxed) for the sake re-booting LBJ's failed "Great Society" welfare state (that had only rather recently been reformed, by the Clinton Administration, under pressure by a mandated Republican Congress and the conservative mood that swept the country in reaction to two years of unfettered Clintonism).

He will squeeze out as much money as he can from the private sector, and, in cahoots with the deep-blue Congress, legislate integral, structural change to the traditional American Way (already assaulted and battered by the takeover of the Fourth Estate and Ideological State Apparatuses like the Education, Legal, and Entertainment fields while using the growing power of The State to attack resistant institutions like The Church).

And all three branches of government are in a real present danger of going under.

Here's where he's finally busted clearly stating his Marxist beliefs (e.g. that wealth must be distributed and the Supreme Court and legislative branches radicalized to facilitate that agenda):

Confoundingly, the question no one has come out and asked him is:

"Senator Obama, where do you stand on reparations?"

...because a reparations agenda seems to fit right in with everything from what Reverend Jeremiah Wright (Obama's "spiritual mentor") has been preaching, to the record of Obama expressing a redistribution of wealth philosophy (years apart and in different situations, i.e. the radio interview and his impromptu exchange with Joe the Plumber--who gets the Toto Award), to his desire to raise the greatest amount of government revenue in American history (by restoring the historically huge 1993 Clinton tax-hikes simply by letting the offsetting Bush tax-cuts expire, and then coercing additional government revenue by fear-mongering "The situation is worse than I thought, and calls for an 'Emergency Stimulus Bill,'" and so doubling Clinton's own looting of the private sector back in 1993).


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