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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

lol That Explains It!

December 23, 2005

Rush Limbaugh:

Rasmussen poll is out today showing that Bush's approval numbers are up to 50%. It's something like a six-point gain since the last poll came out, one of the most startling increases in a short period of time on record....

The left is more whacked out than even I knew. I have learned that some of these extreme left-wing liberal bloggers have weekly phone calls and conferences with Dingy Harry (Reid). I kid you not. Dingy Harry and other Democrats are having regular conference calls, and sometimes sit down meetings with these wacko bloggers on the left.

Now, the wacko bloggers have a different agenda than Dingy Harry. The wacko bloggers don't care what it takes. They just want to win. They don't want to win with an agenda. They don't want to win with a positive set of things that they want to do for the country. They just want to beat Republicans, and whatever it takes to do it, they will do it. That's who the Democrats are, and I told you this.

That's who the Democrats are listening to more and more and more, and I'm just going to predict to you, because this is the last time we'll be together before the end of the year, or for this year. I'm just going to tell you as the new year rolls around -- it's going to be an election year -- and the Democrats are going to get wackier and wackier because of who they're listening to, and at the same time they're going to think that they are winning. They're going to think that they are carrying the day. It's going to be a phenomenon that has repeated itself several times.


Blogger Kelly said...

You might like this article...

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Blogger Kelly said...

A couple high lights from the column...

"First off, somebody ought to go to prison over this, and it's not President Bush. The surveillance was top secret and revealing it is a federal felony and a threat to national security.

I mean, we don’t really want all the Osama wannabes knowing that we’re listening in on their phone calls. It’s kind of something that would be good to keep secret.

Which is why the White House personally asked the editor and publisher of the “New York Times” not to report the story. They responded by giving the president and the country the finger. "

---Bob Lonsberry

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