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Saturday, November 19, 2005


<--- Yes, good people, that is your host, Republicus, doing the Rocky stairs in full Rocky-regalia at the Philadelphia Museum of Art while visiting a buddy (the photographer who shrugged like Atlas and tilted the horizon) there last February for the Super Bowl, when "Da Birds" (i.e. the NFC champion Philadelphia Eagles) played the reigning NFL champion New England Patriots.

That city was as electrified as Ben Frankilin's kite.

Republicus likes the Eagles (somewhat, compared to how he feels about the Cowboys and Giants), but had to--on pain of death-- conceal the fact that he not only is a Washington Redskins fan first and foremost, but was also rooting for the Pats.

However, when said Pats finally sealed Da Birds' doom, that closely-guarded but cooped-up secret that was yearning to breathe free escaped with a "Woo-hoo!" in a dead-silent room full of sullen, slouching, green-garbed drunks, who heard that loud and clear and suddenly sobered up and stood as one with the revelation of the actual colors of Republicus, and stared at him with cruel intention-- one fist-clenching aesthetically-challenged man in particular who had been resenting the comeliness of yours truly since the first quarter.

The sore-loser was fortunate that the martially-belted Philadelphian host of Republicus--nicknamed "Bam-Bam" in college because of the heavyweight strength of the middleweight (albeit not heavyweight enough to overcome the Olympian armwrestling might of Republicus)--entangled him in some sort of limb-locking Kung Fu grip before Republicus himself-- though of Achillean heritage-- could go Eye-talian Stallion on him, and so no harm was done to my fellow American in the City of Brotherly Love.

But yes, indeed, it is to that authentic American myth--Philadelphia's Favorite Son, the Italian Stallion, Rocky Balboa-- that this post is devoted to, because Republicus, though highborn, is not so snobbishly-highbrow as to refrain from saying:


Stallone squares up for Rocky VI
By Richard Simpson, Daily Mail
13 October 2005

Now, more than 15 years on - and 30 years since first putting on his boxing gloves - Rocky Balboa is making another comeback.

Hollywood sources confirmed last night that Sylvester Stallone has agreed to star in the sixth instalment of the Rocky saga.

Filming starts in Los Angeles in December and Stallone, who will turn 60 next year, is also lined up to direct.

A spokesman from the star's agent Paul Bloch said: 'There is a script, but it has yet to get the green light.'

This is industry-speak for Stallone being in advanced talks, but having yet to officially announce his commitment to the project.

In Rocky VI, a lonely, poverty-stricken Balboa comes out of retirement and looks to keep his hand in with a few low-profile fights.

But his return to the ring causes a media frenzy and a promoter comes up with the idea that he should fight the heavyweight champion, Mason 'The Line' Dixon.

Stallone is understood to have been back in the gym in preparation for the role.

Although the film is to be made in Los Angeles, it is unclear whether it will be set in Rocky's hometown of Philadelphia. The supporting cast has not been announced.

Rocky will signal something of a renaissance for 59-year- old Stallone, who will turn 60 during filming, and comes as he attempts to revive his other career-defining role, Rambo.

The fourth film in that series is currently in pre-production and will also be produced by Stallone.

The actor became one of Hollywood's highest-paid leading men as the monosyllabic Rocky.


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