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Monday, March 01, 2010

The Healthcare President


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So how long before all the pictured activities become cause for denying medical treatment or payment of medical benefits?

5:10 PM  
Blogger Stanley said...

The Family Values Rep:

For the Children
"We need to preserve traditional values for the future of our children. Children must be raised with morals and principles. As a society, we must provide them with a secured and loving environment that allows them to flourish."

Those are words of California state Sen. Roy Ashburn (R-Bakersfield) at a rally he sponsored to protest the dangers of gay marriage back in 2005.

Ashburn has now taken a "leave of absence" from the day job after getting picked up on a DUI after leaving a gay night club on Wednesday morning. Ashburn of course was a longtime opponent of gay rights and gay marriage in particular. So just how anti-gay was Ashburn's public record? Justin Elliott's tallies up the votes and positions.

8:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stan worries about California state senators as Charlie Rangel's PAC poison's the entire US Congress with (D)s after their names... talk about walking around w/blinders on.

4:53 AM  
Blogger Right Truth said...

They want to control everything we put in our mouths, but the president can do anything. Time for MEchelle to step in. I'll bet she wears the pants behind the scenes. You know "ME ME ME ME MEchelle"

Right Truth

6:34 AM  
Blogger Stanley said...

Akchool ledder to the Arkansas Democrat Gazette by the typical lowbrow, GOP moron, global warming denier...

Daylight Exacerbates Warming

You may have noticed that March of his year was particularly hot. As a matter of fact, I understand that it was the hottest March since the beginning of the last century. All of the trees were fully leafed out and the legions of bugs and snakes were crawling around during a time in Arkansas when, on a normal year, we might see a snowflake or two.

This should come as no surprise to any reasonable person. As you know, Daylight Savings Time started almost a month early this year. You would think that members of Congress would have considered the warming effect that an extra hour of daylight would have on our climate. Or did they?

Perhaps this is another plot by a liberal Congress to make us believe that global warming is a real threat. Perhaps next time there would be serious studies performed before Congress passes laws with such far-reaching effects.

Connie. Meskimen
Hot Springs, Arkansas

hahaha...has Oklahoma bin EEclips as the stupidest GOP shithole in the nation?

11:00 AM  
Blogger Stanley said...

Foreign Policy Geniuses...why did the entire LEFT know this BEFORE they murdered a million people and blew a trillion dollars?

GOP congressmen: Everyone agrees Iraq war a ‘horrible mistake’

By Daniel Tencer
Friday, March 19th, 2010

Two GOP congressmen say most Republicans on the Hill now believe the Iraq war was a mistake, and "more than half the Republican caucus" believes the way in which the US entered the Afghanistan war was also a mistake.

Reps. Tom McClintock (R-CA) and Dana Rohrbacher (R-CA) made the comments at a discussion panel at the Cato Institute on Thursday.

Going into Iraq "was a mistake because I thought we had to finish the job in Afghanistan," Rohrbacher told the panel, echoing a popular Democratic talking point at the time.

"In retrospect, almost all of us think that was a horrible mistake," Rohrbacher said. "Now that we know that it cost a trillion dollars, and all of these years, and all of these lives, and all of this blood … all I can say is everyone I know thinks it was a mistake to go in now.”

Asked by panel moderator Grover Norquist what percentage of Republican congressmen agree with that view, McClintock said, “I think everyone [in Congress] would agree that Iraq was a mistake.”

McClintock added that he believed the Bush administration also made a mistake in the way it entered the Afghanistan war. "I think virtually everyone would agree going into Afghanistan the way we did was a mistake," he said.

6:28 PM  
Blogger Stanley said...

Scumbag Reich Demonstrates in Indecent Exposure much more of their sordid ass does the right have to show before they run them out of the country they hate so much?

Tea Partiers menace Congressional Dems with name-calling: ‘Ni**er, Fag**t

By Andrew McLemore
Saturday, March 20th, 2010

A swarm of health care protesters, many holding Tea Party signs, heckled members of Congress with racial epithets and abusive language as the House votes on health care reform.

Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) was called a "faggot," causing the surrounding crowd to erupt in laughter.(hahahahaha...that's the response these morons deserve...was felonious there?) A staffer for Rep. James Clyburn (D-S.C.) said a protester spat on Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.). Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.), a leader of the civil rights movement, was called a "ni**er."

Although Frank shrugged off the incident, Clyburn was shocked and told reporters that he hadn't experienced such treatment since leading protests in South Carolina in the 1960s.

"It was absolutely shocking to me," Clyburn told the Huffington Post. "Last Monday, this past Monday, I stayed home to meet on the campus of Claflin University where fifty years ago as of last Monday... I led the first demonstrations in South Carolina, the sit ins... And quite frankly I heard some things today I have not heard since that day. I heard people saying things that I have not heard since March 15, 1960 when I was marching to try and get off the back of the bus."

Rep. John Lewis was the first Democrat to leave a meeting of the Ways and Means committee. As he left, he was met by about 100 protesters crying out "Kill the bill!"

11:08 AM  
Blogger Phelonius said...

OH! The one that calls names is SO upset that others called his president names!

Stanley....get a grip girl.

You have been calling names since we had the total stupidity of your writing on this blog, and NOW you are upset that others can be upset and call others names??

What the hell is wrong with you? Now that your favorite communist has talked his democratic idiot following into voting themselves into the past tense, you should be celebrating.

Oh...of course...I should have realized...instead of talking real issues it is time for ultimate character assassination. The real people involved in the tea parties could simply not care what race Obama is or is not.

Did some of them call names? Some did. You sure as hell did, and continue to do so. You, of all insects, cannot point a clawed digit at them since you have been the actual Prince of name calling. Maybe it does not taste so good when it comes from people you disagree with? No matter, as you cannot agree on the color of shit even when your jaws are full of it.

Obama and his idiot colleagues are going to feel the pain in November, unless he gets to do the same thing that they do in Venezuela and just invalidate our next election.

7:21 PM  
Blogger Phelonius said...

Phelonius is back and he is mad as hell!

7:23 PM  
Blogger Stanley said...

Conservative Terror Movement Veering Out of Control:

House Democrats Face Violent Threats After Health Care Vote
FBI, Capitol Police Investigate Threats Against at Least 10 House Members

At least 10 House Democrats who voted Sunday for health care overhaul have received violent threats to their lives or property, party leaders said today.

Extra security is needed for Congress members who voted for health care bill.
death threats and harassing phone calls while others have experienced vandalism

In one case, a gas line was cut outside the Virginia home of Rep. Tom Perriello's brother after a conservative activist posted the address online, mistakenly thinking it was the congressman's house. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is investigating.

"e-mail from Sarah Palin's PAC that depicted targets/crosshairs over the congressional districts of some Democrats who voted for the health care bill.

Democrats fear for their families
several Democrats who have told their spouses to move out of the home districts while the lawmakers are in Washington. Photo: John Shinkle

The threats against members of Congress who voted for health care reform have turned from a nuisance to a serious law enforcement issue, increasing security concerns as lawmakers prepare to head home for spring recess.

lawmakers expressed fear for their safety and the safety of their families.

Hare is holding eight town hall meetings in his district over the recess and requested that the Capitol Police coordinate with his local police department to provide security. His wife has pleaded with him to cancel the events.

“My wife is home alone, and I’m worried for her,” he said. “I am about to have my first grandchild. I don’t want to have to be worried.”

Incidents are sprouting up all over the country.

Rep. Steve Driehaus (D-Ohio) had his address posted on the Internet, with a message from a right-wing blogger asking people to show up at Driehaus’s Cincinnati “mansion” to protest his health care vote. A photo of Driehaus’s family appeared in a Cincinnati newspaper ad urging the lawmaker to vote against the health care bill last week.

8:25 PM  
Blogger Stanley said...

A brick was thrown through the window of the Democratic Party’s Cincinnati office.

And Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.), has received numerous death threats and faxes with violent images at his office

Read more:

Hare said Boehner needs to come to the floor and decry the violence and apologize to Driehaus for calling the Democratic lawmaker a “dead man.”

It was long known that the health care overhaul vote would be brutal for members of Congress. August brought raucous town halls, folks with guns and heated exchanges to towns across the nation.

Police Concerned About Parliamentarian’s Safety

With several different Democrats receiving threats of violence and receiving protective detail after voting for the new health insurance reform law (I haven't yet tired of saying that), it's worth highlighting something that Minority Leader John Boehner said last week about one of the Congressmen who has been subjected to this sort of vitriolic abuse: his neighbor from an adjacent Ohio district, Rep. Steve Driehaus.
"Take [Rep.] Steve Driehaus, for example," he says. "He may be a dead man. He can’t go home to the west side of Cincinnati."

Congressman Driehaus has been subjected to a litany of intimidating tactics, including death threats, having pictures of his children used in an attack ad, and having the address of and directions to his private residence posted on conservative blogs--and we've all seen how well that worked out in the case of case of Rep. Periello's brother.

a Sarah Palin fan who wants to put SarahPAC's rifle scope imagery into practice.
The GOP leadership and their allies on Fox and on the AM dial had better pray that nobody gets hurt or killed on account of this--because if that happens, the blood will be on their hands.

Tea Party Blogger Hints That Pelosi’s Life Is In Danger, Warns Of ‘A Thousand Little Waco’s’
Eric Cantor reveals ‘a bullet was shot through the window of my campaign office.’
Despite denouncing threats against Democrats, Fox and Friends broadcast e-mails rationalizing them.
McCain refuses to condemn Palin’s ‘reload’ rhetoric.

8:25 PM  
Blogger Stanley said...

Felonious is back and he/it is madder than a hatter...mercury, you know. Cool job of pretending to miss the point, Felonious...or maybe you're just really that stupid. Where ya been, buddy? Huhn? What asylum you been locked up in, you crazy motherfucker?

You'd make a good fuck buddy for Cantor...that bullet damn near got dat was a closun, eh, Gomer?

8:31 PM  
Blogger John said...

Welcome back, Phelonius. :)

10:35 PM  
Blogger Stanley said...

The Republican Party is dead. It's been replaced by the Mob of Ignorant, Inbred
White Trash:

Rep. Harry Mitchell, D-Ariz. receives death threats: "I wish a panty bomber would come in and just f*&king blow your place up."
The threat of violence is continuing in our country and will continue until we see it come to fruition more and more. Rep Harry Mitchell-(D)from Arizona is the latest member of Congress to witness the insanity. via Andrea Mitchell:

Caller: You are going to have to look over your f*&king shoulder because people in your district hate your f*&king face. I love my insurance company and to have you come between me and my f*&king doctor. I cannot tell you how much I wish a panty bomber would come in and just f*&king blow your place up.

A recorded message to his office from a woman who said she hates his f*&king face and hopes a bomb will blow his office up. Nice.

U.S. Rep. Harry Mitchell, D-Ariz., has received death threats over his vote in favor of federal health care reforms.
“Congressman Mitchell’s life was threatened both prior to and following the vote,” said press secretary Adam Bozzi.
Bozzi said Mitchell also received calls at his Tempe home and someone left a note about health care with coal and dog feces at his congressional office in suburban Phoenix.
One caller said she was so filled with rage that the Congressman should ‘watch his back’ and called for a bomber to blow up his Scottsdale office, Bozzi said. "His wife has been harassed at their Tempe home, and his son – a Tempe city councilman – also received menacing calls, as well," Bozzi said.

Just wait until the summer strolls along. And the anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing on April 19th, is right around the corner. Law enforcement is not looking forward to the day that Timothy McVeigh launched his terrorist attack on US soil.

6:50 PM  
Blogger Phelonius said...

Well, Staney old frog, this is right up your alley isn't it?

Never mind the well documented fact that this Congress and White House is ignoring the vast majority of voters in this country and have made them the least liked presidency AND congress years and years, they are moving ahead with their disastrous program.

You are , I am sure, very happy with all of that.

While the rest of us are doing that horribly mundane thing of raising families and balancing our budgets....

Oh wait. You are a dem.... ok... maybe you do not know what that thing is.....

Most people and businesses (I know I know..another horrible term that you are not understanding of) have these things of "how much money do I have and how much can I spend" things called budgets. Your welfare agent might be able to describe them to you if you are not too high. That is likely a lost call.

At any rate, your own crazy as hell party has decided that they do not care about the majority. So be it. That was my earlier point, but since I do not have crayons and colored paper here to show you you will not likely follow what I am saying. But, for the record, the majority of people means that stupid shits like yourself in congress have had to make the most closed, secretive and dishonest agreements in "history" (another term that you are likely to know nothing about) to pass an egregious and damaging piece of legislature that is designed to bring Obama and his idiot Congress more power than they even know what to do with.

Of course, you are going to follow what an increasingly smaller press core of followers call "radicals". That is the term applied to anyone at all that disagrees with a purely socialistic political philosophy.

Of course, you will refrain from name calling because you are much better than those idiots....or wait....perhaps you are not so much better....

Well, think about this while you are swizzling down your latest cocktail of toilet cleaner and brasso. The last election was closer than you would like to admit. There are still huge numbers of people that still have functional brain cells, and they have and will use the right to vote.

You posted:
"The threats against members of Congress who voted for health care reform have turned from a nuisance to a serious law enforcement issue, increasing security concerns as lawmakers prepare to head home for spring recess."

Oh my GOD. You cannot mean it? You mean that it was fine for your traitorous bottom-sucking brethren to call one president names and threaten his VP and others with death threats, but it is not the other way around when this president and his congress are trying to kill this country outright?

Since you cannot feel or understand shame, I therefore absolve you of your ignorance. What you are not entitled to are your own facts.

A much larger majority of people are against the Medicrap bill than are for it. THAT is why the senators and congressmen have avoided town halls. THAT is why they are not answering their emails of phone calls. THAT is why they are doing the same thing that they did right after 9/11.....

Shivering in fear behind closed doors in their high-dollar apartments just hoping that real men and women do not take them to task for the nonsense that they are spouting. They cannot face the people that they are representing because they KNOW that what they have done is wrong, and they have lost the courage to own up to it.

8:44 PM  
Blogger Phelonius said...

Hey, John. Thank you for allowing me here! Good to be back.

8:47 PM  
Blogger John said...

"Allowing" you here? James. The only "allowance" I'm making is for you-know-who.

9:29 AM  
Blogger Stanley said...

I never meant to say that the Conservatives are generally stupid. I meant to say that stupid people are generally Conservative. I believe that is so obviously and universally admitted a principle that I hardly think any gentleman will deny it." - John Stuart Mill in a letter to the Conservative MP, Sir John Pakington.

10:29 AM  
Blogger Stanley said...

To call them merely stupid is to be too wit:

Health reform foes send Dem condom and shredded, gasoline-soaked flag

By Ron Brynaert
Friday, March 26th, 2010

Kitchen sinks are apparently too expensive to mail for some frustrated fringe-dwelling conservatives who have lost their minds over health reform.

"Rep. Betty McCollum, D-Minnesota, was one of several members of Congress who reported receiving obscene and threatening letters after voting for the health care reform bill passed by Democrats on Sunday," CNN's Political Ticker reports.

But her spokeswoman told CNN that inside one letter received Thursday was a condom, removed from its original packaging.

McCollum's spokeswoman Maria Reppas said Thursday that the congresswoman's district office in St. Paul received the condom in an envelope dated March 23, along with an anonymous typed letter reading: "Betty McCollum you've been dry f***** by the liberal party."

The condom had been removed from its original packaging and placed in a plastic bag, according to McCollum's district director. McCollum's office said the U.S. Capitol Police and local law enforcement are investigating the package along with another one received Thursday.

Her office also reported receiving part of a shredded American flag doused in gasoline and a typed letter addressed to McCollum, Rep. Keith Ellison, Sen. Amy Klobuchar and Sen. Al Franken - all Democrats from Minnesota.

All Headline News adds, "The letter accompanying the flag stated each member received a part of the flag representing Obama and 'your liberal filth,'" the article continues. "The letter goes on to say [Democrats] have tainted the government and the country with “dirt, shame corruption and slime.”

This is too much even for conservatives like Dan Riehl, who recently blogged that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid should "pull the plug" on his wife after she was injured in an auto crash, adding, "you can bury her during recess on your own time and dime."

"I denounce this stupid behavior," Riehl wrote Thursday evening, but couldn't resist adding, "Everyone knows it's dry h*****, not dry f***** and it doesn't require a condom."

Their "apologies" make them sound even more repulsive.

10:30 AM  
Blogger Phelonius said...

Stanley is still upset that people can actually say that socialism is bad. Well, it is, and no matter that others would like to comfort him and say that it is not is no matter.

Let us get this picture back in focus. You either agree that the government taking over our health care is a good idea or it is simply not so.

I argue that it is not so. So does the majority of people in this country, and no amount of egregious stupidity is going to convince them that it is.

You know, Staney old bean, that you argue that you do not come from a religious background. But you do. Oh, yes, most assuredly, you do. And the religious background that you will never agree to belonging to is at odds with a great number of people that are both voters and are not socialists. While you spend energies hating Christians and the ideal of Christian teachings, you must realize that most of us have spent time looking at the alternative ideologies and have rejected them, and why?

It is not that we have spent time looking for things to hate, as that is tiresome and fruitless in nearly all cases. The problem, old hater, is that we reject the destruction of life in the name of convenience. We reject the idea that our decisions have no meaning. We reject the idea that even Stanley, for example, should not have the right to bear fire-arms, the right to say what you please, and the right to live in your household as you see fit as long as you are not harming your neighbors. We do reject the idea that government should be the great nanny that can tell us what is best for us and our own.

What we accept, Stan, is the right for you to be here and degrade us as you see fit, because John has seen fit to re-enforce that ideal. Why he does so is a sampling of his character. Why you use foul language and bad character is your choice, and it DOES bring to the front what John has been trying to do here.

True conservatism is that which does listen to alternative ideologies, but also has the right to reject them based on a number of valid arguments. You seem to be unable to hear anything but what the Party speaks. So be it.

In short, be an idiot if you want to, but realize that thinking people have more in their court than reactionary, socialist agendas and will take you apart when you speak like an aparachnik.

7:21 PM  
Blogger Phelonius said...

Stan, I have a proposition.

At one point I argued with some global warming advocate that he was wrong. It seems that just about everything I said had come to pass.

I throw the gauntlet down in front of you.

Argue why you think that Obamacare is a good idea or not, without names and other ad-hominem stupidities, and I will debate you.

Simple and potentially useful.

Come out and fight if you are worth your salt!

8:02 PM  
Blogger Stanley said...

Well, it became clear today that the great reicho bowel movement and tea party just crossed an interesting, invisible threshold today...moving from a seeming threat to a national joke -- did you feel the planet move under your feet?

With the Cantor/Le (ba)boon revelations and the Michigan Jeebus Militia ("Jesus wanted us to be ready to defend ourselves using the sword and stay alive using equipment," ) I think we can safely say that this phenomenon is now in place as one of history's greatest, running, slobbering jokes. From the weak fool who runs this site, who spreads pathetic virii because he can't handle himself verbally, to the endless array of punks, blowhards, bigots, spitters, shitters and thugs we've seen the last few weeks, this is a freak show without redeeming virtue...except for its amazing talent for self destruction.

1:40 PM  
Blogger Phelonius said...

So be it coward. Flee and run because anytime your ilk is confronted with thought, the best you can come up with is character assassination.

I challenged you to a war of ideas, and you obviously cannot deal with anything like that. Instead, you spent your immense intellect coming up with a list of names to call us again. Once again. Time after time.

So, man-child, let me rephrase. You could not argue your way out of a paper bag with instructions in your hand. Why are you bothering adults with your insipid stupidity and immaturity? What age ARE you? 12?

You throw articles out without a single sentence of interpretation, and when I challenge you, you run cringing. You are everything the left can come up with eh? You and your massive following. When I bring you in conversations here, you are the laughing stock. No wonder, as you have exactly ZERO to argue with.

Do you realize that you are more pathetic now than when the Republicans were in power? The reason is that you have less now to argue with than you did before.

When FB farts he says more than you can. You do not sicken me, you make me laugh. You and your so-called political party are a sickness that needs to be addressed, to be sure, but I think comedy is where it needs to take place.

But, for the record, I challenge you once again, and if you are any part of a man (laugh track) at least TRY to put two coherent thoughts together.

6:35 PM  
Blogger Phelonius said...

The premise: Is Obamacare a good idea or is it not?

6:57 PM  
Blogger Kelly said...

Feel the earth shake Stanley

8:02 PM  
Blogger John said...

Phelonius, Kelly:

Glad we're on the same side. :)

Stankey sneered:

"From the weak fool who runs this site, who spreads pathetic virii because he can't handle himself verbally..."

I have nothing to do with with "spreading viruses," Stankey. You're projecting again, as the epidemic of STDs--from herpes to HIV--primarily inflicts those who have lifestyles that stray from conservative ideals but celebrate "progressive" ones.

Anyway, I've noted that everytime your vile cause suffers some kind of electoral or popular defeat, you disappear, only to reappear to gloat and splash the commentary walls here with your propaganda everytime you think that you have something to exult over, whether it be some real or perceived progress of your evil ideology, or a setback for conservatives, even if it involves the posting of some police report about a crime that's been commited by some private citizen whose great uncle voted for Ronald Reagan.

Meanwhile, your "factual" assertions about anything have as much to do with reality as does my supposed spreading of viruses does.

In other words, you're a liar, Stankey.

You're also a peabrained, intellectual fraud who can only carry buckets of Kool Aid from gurus higher up the foodchain but when challenged--by Phelonius, for example, many times over the past year or two--to generate an original thought to justify your ideology, your response is either more imported Kool Aid, ad hominem sneerings that are always the product of your own projections (e.g. "this is a freak show without redeeming virtue...except for its amazing talent for self destruction"), freestyle gibberish comprised of slang and slurs while posing as elevated "poetry," or speechlessness while never--ever--giving anyone outside of your cult who has any real intelligence any reason to join it.

The only thing you succeed in doing is clearly demonstrating to the discerning--by your own words and behavior--the evil nature of your ideology.

If any Republican candidate fails to inspire any conservative to vote for them, you yourself provide ample reasons for anyone with common sense to vote for the better of two bad choices--the candidate who appeals to the ideological likes of you being the worst of all.

So keep reminding us why giving your political type power is a dangerous thing, not only for the United States, but for civilization itself.

9:29 AM  
Blogger John said...

Phelonius simplified the argument:

"The premise: Is Obamacare a good idea or is it not?"

Answer the question, Stanley, and try to justify it in reasonable terms. Conservatives are an open-minded bunch who love knowledge for knowledge's sake and aware that there is much more knowledge that they are unaware of and are willing to reconsider prior beliefs if the new knowledge does not offend reality that's perceived by a rigid rationality made flexible by empirical considerations (which at worst will allow suspension of belief to entertain possibility or inspire exploration to discover any kernels of Truth in the proposal of new knowledge).

Yet--in a forum comprised strictly of words (with the exception of posted pictures which sometimes can be worth a thousand of them), you consistently fail to inspire any of us to decide that what you represent has any of the elusive Good that most of us seek in our own lives and in our political leaders who we hope can make the quest for that Good easier--which, in most every case, requires them to simply get TF out of our way and just protect our God-Given Right to pursue Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness (i.e. The Good) as we see fit--and as vouchsafed by our most sacred political documents.

No. What emanates from you is the stench of The Evil that millennia worth of generations of humans have suffered under and could only have dreamt of an America that you and your ilk want destroyed.

Go to hell. As I've said before, you are the ideological heir of liars and murderers.

You want to fight? You got it. Welcome to Sparta, asshole.

9:59 AM  
Blogger Phelonius said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

2:45 PM  
Blogger Phelonius said...

John, I think the the yellow stripe down Stanley's back has gotten the better of him once again.

I guess if you do not HAVE any ammunition you sure as hell cannot shoot any. He is following the role that his aparachnik cousins have told them to follow, and that is to run into a place, jeer and call names and then flee before someone brings up the fact that you really had nothing to say.

I really liked the video that Kelly brought here, and I was AMAZED that CNN actually allowed it to be aired. I guess they are getting tired of ranking below the cartoon channel in ratings, while Fox is still among the top stations.

2:57 PM  
Blogger John said...

They threw they're professional objectivity out the window for the sake of a sentiment that is comparable to a giddy, schoolgirl crush, and they're trying to redeeem some semblance of self-respect.

7:18 PM  
Blogger John said...

btw, James, did you notice Stankey's pretentious use of the Latinized plural of "virus," i.e. "virii"?

Pretentious people are invariably shallow-minded frauds, and his use of "virii" proves it.

There is no plural form for the Latin word *virus.* Hence, pluralization must yield to the English "viruses."

7:30 PM  
Blogger Kelly said...

John, Happy Easter...I believe we land on the same year this year! :)

6:09 AM  
Blogger John said...

Yes we do. Happy Easter, Kelly. :)

9:40 AM  
Blogger Kelly said...

I also meant to say same day..he he ...:)

7:46 PM  
Blogger John said...

I know. 'Saright.

8:33 AM  
Blogger Phelonius said...

Come over and add your thoughts.

8:04 PM  
Blogger Kelly said...

Phelonius has been busy over at Res Civitatis. :)

10:16 PM  
Blogger Phelonius said...

Hey there Stankey old bean? Have ye lost yer nads? Did we care ya there?

Wow...make just one political challenge and POOF he is gone...

Sounds like the left to me. Oh well, there are better things to do than arguing with lefties you can:
1. simonize your cat
2. learn a penny whistle
3. polish the floor with your daughter's boyfriend

and MANY other similarly enlightening activities.

OR you can listen to MSNBC or CNN and hear how they are going to threaten all of us free thinkers with higher taxes and hate crimes if we resist them.

9:20 PM  
Blogger Phelonius said...

I think John then has it:

This is Sparta! Stanley, you lefty little weasel, answer me or John and come out to fight!

If you do you might want to cart along an idea or two in your foul-mouthed little lefty head, if it is capable.

I will begin. Obamcare is a bad idea first and foremost because we cannot afford it. Having the funds for such a massive project is in itself a real question, since this year alone the Federal Social Security is going bankrupt. There are going to be no funds left now to pay for all the promises made THIS YEAR.

Piled on top of that, of course, is that an already faltering economy cannot sustain more taxes unless your real goal is to kill what is left of the private sector. The Feds claim that unemployment is better because they are expanding their employment....looks nice until you realize that all of those employees are already working off of the public dole. Then if you take into account that the already broken economy is going to have to shoulder nearly a sixth percent of the entire business community by a forced and very unpopular government takeover of our health care system, then you just begin to see why Obama care is a bad idea. If you want to see why it is unconstitutional, why Stankey, just write something pathetic and I will school you there. Lesson one of your education is complete.

9:44 PM  
Blogger Kelly said...

James, you said, "OR you can listen to MSNBC or CNN a..." But wait, remember CNN' commentary.

9:12 AM  
Blogger Phelonius said...

Where oh where is verteek, or Stanley, or his other idiotic permutations these days?

Global man-made warming has been blasted into sand. The American people are getting ready to take back what is rightfully theirs in Congress. The stupidity that so characterized the left in the last few months has taken a beating even in CNN. You know? If I were Stanley I would be quiet as hell too.

However, that is not, now, going to help the left or their ideals.

The Tea Party gatherings were peaceful, unified and have galvanized a large number of voters into action. They are not going to just forget what it is that they are protecting, and they are not going to be frightened away by political attacks in the main-stream channels that tell us that we are crazy, frightened racists with no idea what we are really talking about.

"The Healthcare President" wants to think that the american public is just that stupid, but they are not, and the demography of the protesters places them in a serious question of doubt.

10:59 PM  
Blogger Kelly said...

hey, John, I saw Shakira on American Idol last night. Interestingly enough she was singing with Rascals Flatts...heh.

3:32 PM  
Blogger Phelonius said...


About the time that Federal Medical becomes mandatory is my guess

10:25 PM  
Blogger John said...

I was at the DMV the other day. And I saw the future of American healthcare.

10:37 PM  
Blogger Kelly said...

Hey, just stopped in to say hello...hope you are doing well.

2:30 PM  
Blogger John said...

Hey Kelly. I'm fine and trust that you are, too. All that I have blogged here has been validated by current events. I thank Glenn Beck and others on far more prominent platforms for exposing and expanding upon things that I have also been saying here for a long time about the nature, m.o., and agenda of the Left.

8:53 PM  
Blogger Kelly said...

I am doing kids coming and going with camps and such all summer..been busy.

I haven't said much on my own blog lately...mostly because Beck et al reach a far greater audience with a very similar message.

It has been sobering to watch the events of late unfold. You have been right on the money.

Back when the voices from our blogs were the biggest source of this message it was nice to know that there were others out there who saw the left for what it is.

It was nice to know that outside my small circle of influence /society there were people who spoke the same, felt the same, and understood the same.

I come back here, not because I need to hear that now, but because of the camaraderie that was here...even if there was a troll now and then.

Please feel free to stop by either of my blogs to say hi from time to time...just to say hi from a fellow conservative.


9:40 PM  
Blogger Kelly said...

Hey, John, here is a little something you might consider following...Non political...

Check out one of the members of the music group. :)

6:47 PM  
Blogger John said...

Phelonius. :)

9:24 AM  
Blogger Kelly said...


11:06 PM  
Blogger Kelly said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

11:06 PM  
Blogger Kelly said...

Happy New Year, John!! May we see the right changes this year :)

10:22 PM  
Blogger honeyclarck said...

I collected a lot of interesting things from your blog especially its discussion about Cert Killer. Many of comments in your posts, I believe I’m not alone having all the enjoyment here! keep up the great work.

3:42 AM  
Blogger Kelly said...

not sure if you are still around but this image reminded me of another cat image from awhile back..

says it all...sure miss this place.

9:30 PM  

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